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Martial Arts Summer Workshops

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Summer Workshops
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Summer is uncritically accepted as the best months in a child's year. After all, it is the time when they are free from the burden of school – a time that can be productively used for playtime, reading, crafts and activities that will develop their potential and creativity. 

The Productive and Happy Summer: Is it a Myth? The question to be asked is, is summer really as glorious as it appears to children? Just take a look at these stats:

* Parents doubt whether summer is a productive time at all (Duffett et al in 2004)

* Children's body mass index shoots up two times than normal during summer, indicating summer weight gain (Hippel et al in 2007) 

* Learning loss is a challenge during summer, as children forget what they learned and lose the skills to learn (Downey et al in 2004)

* Though summer reading is celebrated, the fact is that summer reading loss is so high and cumulative that it cannot be caught up even during fall (Bright Hub Education)

* Both weather hazards and instances of violence are reported more during summer (CDS)

What these stats eventually show is not that summer is inherently an unproductive time. Without doubts, these are the months when children have enough time to do as they please. It has the potential to be productive. But the way children make use of it, sitting idly before television and video games, they are actually ruining some of the best months of their lives.

Rewriting the Myth - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Summer Workshops
One way to reclaim the productivity of summer months is through martial arts. Most martial art schools provide summer martial arts in the form of summer workshops. One of the most sought-after examples in Massachusetts is the summer martial arts workshops at Bruce McCorry's, Peabody MA.

The summer program is a celebrated academy attended by hundreds of children every year, and it offers much more than just martial arts. A peek into the functioning of Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops can answer the challenges posed above:

* At Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops, regular sessions of enjoyable and effective martial arts provide kids with enough physical activity. This keeps off summer weight gain.

* Both martial art sessions and the activities at the summer workshops are aimed to sharpen the skills of quick thinking, decision making, calculation and reasoning. Martial arts sharpen the learning skills and prevent learning loss.

* As the testimonials of parents prove, the Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops is one place where they can safely leave their children, as we give primary importance to safety. Parents can be assured that their children enjoy their summer months safely and productively.

* Reading sessions, arts , craft and playtime make the summer camp a productive and creative alternative for your child's idle home summer

The summer martial arts workshops at Bruce McCorry's Academy is the right blend of customized martial arts, playtime, activities, field trips, reading sessions, arts and crafts and much more. Children often certify how the months at Bruce McCorry's Summer Workshops have given them the most cherished experiences of life. You can be assured that your little one will emerge out the summer program as confident, healthy, bright and happy, with a positive view of life. Ensure a seat for your child right now....please call for availability!  Only at   (978) 535-7878

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