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Cyber Bullying - Martial Arts is the Answer

Cyber Bullying - Martial Arts is the Answer
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Cyber bullying is a term that is in our legal lexicon for the past decade. In simple terms it refers to any bullying that might take place with the help of technology. It cannot be dismissed as a minor issue, because today’s children live in a world that is as much virtual as it is real. From a very young age, kids have access to technology including cell phones, computers and internet, whether through their parents or in their schools. This has led to a situation where classroom concerns like bullying are no more limited to the four walls of the classroom.

The Larger Danger that is Cyber bullying
Whenever a child is hurt mentally or emotionally by their classmates or seniors in a virtual platform, that counts as cyber bullying. The rumors, scandals, hate speech and embarrassing pictures that are spread through messages, emails or social media comes under this category. It is a greater danger than classroom bullying. Its reach is farther than the few students in a classroom. There is a permanency and retrievability to these messages and pictures that might cause a larger emotional damage to its victims.

Victim or Bully: Who Needs Help?
It is a usual tendency among parents, teachers and students to condemn the bully alone and take the side of the victims. Victims of cyber bullying definitely need help, support, love and encouragement since their own diffidence, lack of courage and lack of self-confidence may have a chance in inviting bullying. However it is equally important to provide bullies with the same, because usually bullies victimize others not due to an innate cruelty, but because of other reasons such as dysfunctional family background, personal insecurity or behavioral problems.

Martial Arts to Resist Cyber Bullying: For the Victim and the Bully
In a land where 33% children are being bullied, but only 7% of parents are even aware of it, our children need a lot of support and help to resist bullying. Martial arts are a perfect source of support, help and encouragement that will help both the victim and the bully.

It instills confidence, self-worth and physical strength in learners. These are exactly what bullied children need, because one courageous denial would put an end to bullying in many instances. Movies like Karate Kid are not fiction, because children will learn through martial arts how to stand up for themselves and their peers.

The same could be said for children who bully others. They will learn values of companionship, respect, friendship and courtesy through bullying. Once they are no more insecure of their own abilities, they won’t feel the need to demonstrate superiority by dominating other children.

Good martial art schools, like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody MA) are also spaces where children will interact with friends and instructors who can point out their personal insecurities and problems and help with these. It is important to choose a place with an experienced instructor pool, a friendly peer group and an encouraging atmosphere like Bruce McCorry’s if you want to learn martial arts to resist bullying. Once children realize the damage of their own actions, cyberspace itself could be used as a positive sphere to apologize, recover and make new friends. To see our children living without the fear of cyber bullying, let us turn to martial arts.  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy. 

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