Friday, May 13, 2016

Kids Sports and Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Kids: Your Key to Summer and Winter Sports

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

A significant study by the Aspen Institute recently pointed out that in the last five years, there is a fall of 2.6 million in the number of youngsters who participate in sports. This is an unfortunate account, because both summer and winter sports were so much a part of our youth, even a decade before. The same study tells how physically active youngsters could do better in every facet of life, ranging from fighting obesity and ill health to being intelligent and being more productive at work. 

On the other end of this spectrum are those children and teenagers who are intensely passionate toward sports, though their number seems to be declining. It is the need of all health-conscious parents and a health-conscious nation to kindle a passion for sports among our children. It is time to ask how we can do this.

Sports and Youngsters: Do We Need a Booster?

There are three reasons to why youngsters may not be motivated to take up sports like before. One, the young generation has multiple avenues of entertainment, which may make them insensitive to physical activity. Secondly, today's school is a much hectic world, leaving our children physically and mentally exhausted. Thirdly, even passionate sports watchers may not sometimes take up sports if they doubt their strength or ability. This brings us to ask if our kids need a booster to motivate them to take up sports and help them to excel in it. The key to this lies in martial arts.

Martial Arts for Kids: The Key for Summer and Winter Sports
Martial arts are your child's all time sports companion, whether his/her interests lie in summer sports or winter sports. It awakens them to the significance of physical activity and helps them to be champions in the sports they take up.

The most popular summer sports like baseball, soccer and basketball are extremely demanding, both physically and mentally. Martial arts can help your child to gain the physical strength and mental co-ordination necessary for these. Martial arts can also supply your child with inexhaustible energy levels, which is a genuine help if he/she likes summer sports.

Winter sports like hockey and skiing are not as tiring as their summer counterparts, but what makes them challenging is that they demand a lot of courage and confidence from the participant. This is precisely something that martial arts can instill in children. They teach kids to be brave enough to take up challenges and fulfill them.

Passionate sportspersons have always found a companion in martial arts, because it trains them to be tireless, team-spirited and calculative. Martial art is the way to unlock the athletic side of your child, where he/she can relate with the joy of physical activity and find motivation to pursue sports.

Bruce McCorry's Academy - Martial Arts for Sports
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