Thursday, May 5, 2016

Martial Arts for Kids Ages 3-16

Martial Arts for Kids Ages 3-16: Only The Best at
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 

As most martial arts evolved in the context of military defense or spiritual gatherings, kids below teenage years were not always part of martial arts in histories. But when martial arts developed as a sport for health, fitness and happy living in the modern times, experts started unearthing the benefits of kids' martial arts. Surprisingly, the formative ages of childhood and teenage ages were found to have the highest potential for imbibing the benefits of martial arts.

How to Make Childhoods Work Wonders: Kids Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's
When Bruce McCorry's Academy emerged as one of the youngest martial art institutions in Massachusetts in the 1970s, it recognized the importance of child martial arts at once. Today, its endeavors have developed into some thoroughly researched and structured martial art courses for children. These courses are intended to bring about the following advantages:

1. To make up the lack of physical activity in a child's daily life
2. To fight conditions which are related to the lack of exercise, such as obesity 
3. To improve the health of kids in general, by enhancing their immunity and resilience
4. To keep the child fit, and to help him/her to remain in shape in the future
5. To improve their study skills by sharpening their intellectual abilities
6. To enhance their athletic, kinetic and co-ordination skills
7. To teach them social values like respect, friendship, trust and cooperation
8. To teach children how to defend themselves and stand up for what they believe in
9. To help kids to de-stress after their daily worries, and keep them energetic and lively
10. To instill self-confidence and self-worth in children

Bruce McCorry's programs for children are structured by veterans to meet these standards which only an institution that walk with the times can offer you. The lessons offered by us blend physical activity, meditation, activities and fun, customized to meet the age, capability and the aptitude of the learners. The physical moves help to enhance the health and fitness goals outlined above. Each martial art demands focus, calculation and thinking, which will generally improve the intellect of a child. Our campus provides an excellent interactive space which will work upon the social skills of children. And the greatest advantage that martial arts can give to your child is to transform them into human beings who believe in themselves and their abilities, who can stand up for their beliefs and opinions and who can grow up knowing how to keep their life, relationships and career goals balanced.

We have a bunch of courses for children between the ages of 3-16, the most popular of them being the Afterschool Program and the Summer Programs (for kids and teenagers) and the Little Ninja program (for preschoolers). The content of the first two programs are designed to equip the child to meet the daily demands that are made on his/her life as a student and an adolescent. They are also timed so as not to clash with the school timings. The preschooler program is for younger children about to make their first step into the field of martial arts. It aims to bring about the development of a child's body, mind, brain and behavior at an age when these are in the stage of formation. 

Bruce McCorry's is the best that you can promise to your child for his/her safe and happy future. Do not hesitate and choose the best of kids' martial arts for your child!

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