Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kids Martial Arts After School Program & Summer Workshops

Kids Martial Arts at the Perfect After School Program & Summer Workshops at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 
Admissions are OPEN NOW: HURRY UP Seats are limited!
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Perhaps you might not have yet imagined your child as a martial art learner. But a number of reasons will tell you that it is the best possible way to imagine your little champion's present and future. That is because martial arts have the wonderful strength to touch all aspects of their lives and leave a positive mark. Scroll on to read how martial arts for kids can transform your child's life!

The Seven Success Formula: Children's Martial Arts at its Best
Martial arts is scientifically proven to influence and improve seven aspects of a child's life: this includes the physical, mental, emotional, athletic, academic, social and spiritual dimensions. Together, an improvement of these aspects are a prerequisite for his/her holistic development.

1. Martial Arts for the Physical: Martial arts training can redefine your child's physical profile by making them stronger, strengthening their coordination, by making them healthy and immune. Regular and active martial art training is the key to this.

2. Martial Arts for the Mind: Learning martial arts can reduce stress, calm down mental processes, improve thinking skills, instil confidence and make children smarter. Precise and soothing combination of training and meditation does this for them.
3. Martial Arts and Emotions: Children who are martial art learners become emotionally strong. They survive peer pressure and bullying, they make good friends, they cherish familiar bonds and make trustworthy partners in future. The basics of respect, companionship and compromise is taught to them by the ethics of martial arts.
4. Sports and Martial Arts: Martial arts can give your kid a sleek body, coordinated senses, an athletic disposition and inexhaustible energy. These are to be your child's assets in their passion for sports and athletics.
5. Academic Brilliance and Martial Arts: Martial arts try to improve thought process, rational thinking, analytical power and comprehension. This is the impact of martial art training on brain and human senses and is useful in academics.
6. Martial Arts for Social Skills: Man is a social being, but interpersonal skills are not every kid's cup of tea. A vibrant and interactive martial art class is your child's initiation to interpersonal relationships, courtesies, companionship and socially respectable behavior.
7. Spiritual Facet of Martial Arts: This does not necessarily mean religion. Martial arts and healing techniques can make children find their inner peace and it reconnects mind with human body. In these senses, it is spiritual as well.

After School Martial Arts and Summer Workshops for Kids: Hurry Up!
The children's martial arts programs at Bruce McCorry's Academy are holistically designed to improve all the seven aspects of a child's development. It can also identify your child's strength or weakness in any of these and give them special care.

Bruce McCorry's has a long-standing after school program for kids, which gives them confidence, companionship, self-defense and happiness. The after school programs at the academy are a fun blend of education, enjoyment and relaxation. This summer, the academy is organizing vibrant summer workshops for children who want to make the best of their holidays by relishing the joy and power of martial arts. This is your kid's opportunity to try out the seven success formula. 
Admissions are OPEN NOW: HURRY UP Seats are limited!
  Call Today: 978-535-7878  

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