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National Autism Month: A Martial Arts Focus

April, the National Autism Month: A Martial Arts Focus 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

April is nationally dedicated as the month of autism awareness. When we dedicate a month for the kids born in the autistic spectrum, it means a huge change has come about in the health profile of the nation and in our perceptions of it. 

Health profile is definitely changing, since there is a general increase in the number of autism diagnosis. Our perceptions are also changing, because autism is more widely recognized now, it is diagnosed and cared for, the approach towards people in the spectrum has become more positive and inclusive. Today we are aware that those who are born autistic have several potentials, and can lead quality lives to a great extent. Martial arts is one of those assistance's that can help autistic children to nourish their full potential and lead better lives.

Martial Arts and Autism: A Way Forward
What martial artists have been trying to say for a long time is now being proved by studies and clinical research. 

The following instances are examples:

* University of Wisconsin proved in 2010 that autistic children can gain a lot from martial arts – it helps them to socialize better, to be physically coordinated, and to have improved self-confidence.

* Martial art lessons are shown to provide spaces where children are asked to interact with instructors, talk with friends, pair with partners, and work as a team with students. Though these are more difficult for autistic children, special care will naturally improve their social skills.

* University of Isfahan brought out the path-breaking finding that martial arts can actually reduce obsessive and repetitive actions in the children of autistic spectrum. Martial arts involves a lot of self-control and self-disciplining. The reduction in stereotypical behavior could also be because of the fact that martial arts give the children with special needs a vent to exhaust their excess energy.

* As several studies noted, martial art training considerably improves the motor skills and motor coordination among autistic kids
* Perhaps, what autistic children can benefit the most from is self-esteem. Martial arts show them whom they really are: talented children with great potential in a number of aspects. Coupled with developed physical strength, martial arts give them confidence. This will help them to stand up to bullying and hazing which are usual classroom concerns faced by these children.

Choosing Special Needs Martial Arts for Your Child
Given all the merits of martial arts, it is extremely important to choose a genuine and reliable martial art school for your child. Make sure that the instructors and helpers are trained to care for children in the autistic spectrum. You should also ensure that the institution keeps mandates of safety.

The special needs program at Bruce McCorry's Academy is an example of how an ideal special needs martial art program should be. It opens up a space where children can socialize with and learn from their peers and trained instructors in a safe and happy atmosphere which they will love. Bruce McCorry's also provides special care which would help you to identify your child's specific talents, strengths and weaknesses and how to care for these. With Bruce McCorry's Academy, this April can perhaps make a change in your child's life. Call  today for more information, 978. 535.7878

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