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After School Program Peabody MA

The Importance of an After School Program: 
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For most parents, parenting is an experience worth loving and cherishing. But if there's something which makes it a daily struggle and affair of concern, it is the worries of the safety and success of your children. Because their safety and success is so very important to you, it is fundamental that you should know about the dilemma that is after school hours. 

The After School Dilemma: Why Parents Should Be Concerned
If you believe that the after school hours of your kids are not a matter of worry to you, you are still to know the facts. Several psychological studies and statistical data show why children should not be left all alone until parents return from their work. Children who spend hours alone in home could develop any number of problems from depression and habitual issues to electronic addiction and binge eating. Household accidents are also reported more during the after school hours.

The chances of kids spending their time in after school hangouts and streets are also not to be taken lightly. Street violence, bullying and assault attempts tend to touch the peak during these hours, and the less your child involves himself/herself with those the better. It is because of these reasons that child psychologists and education experts stress the need for an after school course.

The Other Side: the Constructive Use of After School Hours
Though every after school program can offer a safe sanctuary for your child in the after school hours, not every program can ensure the constructive use of those hours. That's where a landmark program like Bruce McCorry's AMP (After School Martial Arts Program) becomes different.

Being a course that has recognition at national level, the AMP effectively attempts to fit in martial arts and personality development into the after school hours. It does not burden your child with additional mental activity that can exhaust them after school, but it craftily puts together martial arts, activities, games, meditation and personality building, thus becoming a unique way to spend the time after school.

An after school program with a difference like the Bruce McCorry's AMP is worth trying out due to a number of factors. It awakens your children from the hours which they slog before television and video games and inspires them to do activities that are physically vibrant. There's nothing better to ensure a healthy and fit lifestyle to your child right from childhood. It is also shown that martial arts can be of use to the academic life of kids as it teaches them a wide variety of study skills, thinking skills and time management. AMP teaches kids how to be self-confident and speak up for themselves, values without which it is not possible to make way through a thoroughly extroverted culture like ours. The self-confidence, courage and defensive skills from AMP will help kids to deal with a wide variety of problems like bullying, stress and peer pressure.

Bruce McCorry's AMP is a popular program to which kids eagerly come every year. Along with the quality of the program, another factor which attracts young learners is the amiable atmosphere created by friendly and experienced instructors and encouraging peers and seniors. Because the safety your kids are the concern of the Academy as well, there are a number of additional facilities for those who want them. A highlight example is the transport from daily school to the academy at affordable rates. Bruce McCorry's After School Program is for all those who want to ensure the success and safety of their kids.  

Transportation from the schools to the academy is also available as an added bonus!  Try Success with Bruce McCorry's Academy! Call today! (978) 535.7878

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The Miracles of Tai Chi

Martial Arts as Therapy: The Miracles of Tai Chi

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

The Health Turn in the History of Tai Chi
When the martial art of Tai Chi was invented four centuries ago, no one would have expected it to work wonders with the kind of health issues that will plague a society that will live in the 21st century. This is exactly the wonder story that this martial art has to offer. This Chinese martial art, which was China's gift to the world, was born out of the heritages of Chen family in China. Nevertheless it achieved global success and took the world by storm with its amazing potential to be of help to modern medicine.

The Tai Chi Miracle: Working Wonders with Modern Medicine
It fell to the responsibility of a number of modern researchers who worked with the possibility of alternate healing programs for terminal and serious illnesses to unearth a face of Tai Chi that was yet not explored. This new research, at the break of 20th century argued that despite the numerous health, fitness and stress-relief qualities that are already attributed to Tai Chi, it has a strand within it which can be effectively manipulated to work with modern medicine. Once it was argued that Tai Chi could be a clinically effective form of martial art therapy, soon the research unearthed how it could benefit patients with Parkinson's disease, bone density issues, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. 

Martial Arts Therapy - Tai Chi and the Possibilities of Cancer Healing
For a long time, it was generally agreed that martial arts like Tai Chi could help survivors of cancer by providing them with courage of mind, strength of will and stress relief. But apart from being an alternate healing technique that can aid clinical medicine, does Tai Chi have a power of its own?

In the efforts of Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) to walk with the times in martial art therapy research, it was exactly this gem of thought that we stumbled upon. Recent studies by Linda Carson, University of Calgary illustrated the possibility of Tai Chi methods bringing about changes in the cellular functioning of cancer patients, which means that it could be one possible way of battling cancer. MD Anderson Center for Cancer Research and the Fudan University (Shang Hai) conducted elongated studies on cancer survivors, which suggested that practicing Tai Chi, or Qi Gong as it was called by these researchers, could bring about notable changes in the physical and mental difficulties such as sleeplessness, depression, fatigue and stress.

Holding Hands with Research: Tai Chi as Therapy in the Bruce McCorry's Methods
Bruce McCorry's Academy, which will soon celebrate its golden jubilee, is one of the long-standing and foremost martial art schools in Massachusetts. One of the reasons for the success of Bruce McCorry's Academy is the way in which it has incorporated changes and blended the best of tradition with modern research in these past decades.

Under the same impulse, Tai Chi lessons in the academy now also focus on the therapeutic merit of this art form for those who need that extra touch of care and taught by Master Bruce McCorry himself. Bruce McCorry's Tai Chi lessons attempt to work with meditation, martial art therapy and regular body movements to explore the clinical benefits of Tai Chi. Its method that seeks to recapture the qi (or the vital life power in Chinese tradition) from the art of Qi Gong is already changing the lives of its learners. Those who will benefit from that additional touch of care in their success story against illnesses will definitely find something in this program that will be of use to them.

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Children's Electronic Addiction

Children's Electronic Addiction: Is there a Permanent Solution?  
The answer is Yes, it's Martial Arts!

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts


When the Pokemon game took the world by storm a few weeks back, an interesting observation by many commentators was on how finally a game has made us physically move around. We are an educated society which recognizes the pitfalls of electronic addiction and how it costs us our health. Interestingly, the response to the game shows how desperately we try to seek a cure for the consequences of electronic craze in the very gadgets and apps which cause them.

Children's Electronic Addiction: Is there a Permanent Solution?
The larger reality is that the nature and consequences of electronic addiction, especially in children, cannot be defined so narrowly. A game which makes you move around is definitely one step ahead of the games we had before, but it is not the once-forever solution for a problem as deep-rooted as electronic addiction.

Broadly defined, electronic addiction is a term which indicates how dangerously everything electronic – from cell phones and gadgets to apps, games and social media – has virtually taken on our lives, especially the lives of our kids. It touches and negatively impacts all aspects of their lives.

* The physical consequences of electronic addiction are higher chances of lifestyle diseases and obesity. In kids, it may lead to increased heart disease risk, increased risk of stroke, and impairment of vision and hearing in the long run.

* In children, psychological consequences such as guilt, depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue often accompany the addiction to cell phones, gaming and internet 

*Hostility and defensiveness are the emotional consequences often seen in teen electronic addicts. Electronic addiction gradually desensitize children to violence and pornography. Problems with impulse control and agitation are also quite common.

In other words, electronic addiction cannot be narrowly defined in terms of physical consequences alone. If not discouraged from beginning, electronic addiction can reach stages where it may lead to long-term complications and necessitate medication.

Martial Arts: An All-Rounded Cure for Electronic Addiction
Many cures have been put forth, but the main reason why they fail to strike the mark is because they do not address technological addiction from all angles. Some of them, like the game that makes people walk around, aim to remedy the physical consequences of technological addiction. Stress-relief programs and mind healing mostly focus on mental and emotional consequences alone. Medication too tackles emotional consequences and not much beyond.

This is why martial arts has a unique role in curing electronic addiction. The experienced instructors who have been teaching martial arts for years at Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) point out how martial arts can effectively deal with physical, mental and emotional aspects of the technology craze in our kids. Martial art programs for kids at the Bruce McCorry's Academy follow an approach that blends the professional with the enjoyable to strike the right balance between benefit and fun. Martial arts compensate the lack of physical activity in highly effective ways. Many martial arts combine mind healing, breathing moves and stress-busting sessions that actively deal with psycho-emotional effects of electronic addiction. Above all, martial arts subconsciously teaches children to get over their excessive electronic addiction by breaking out of the repetition loop that is so characteristic of addiction.

If your child is a possible victim of electronic addiction, now is the time to choose better, and choose martial arts for your children, or, as a parent or an adult, you find yourself glued to your electronic device, give it a kick with Martial arts!

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Master Bruce McCorry and his Martial Arts Legacy

Master Bruce McCorry and his Martial Arts Legacy
What does it mean to have envisioned an impossible dream four decades back, and to have made that vision come true with diligence and perseverance? For those of us who believe in the truth of childhood dreams, the legacy of Master Bruce McCorry and his Academy of Martial Arts appears nothing less than a vision that turned true through perseverance.

From Childhood Dreams to A Lifelong Journey
Born in Revere (MA), young Bruce McCorry had a liking for martial arts right from the early years spent at his childhood home in Peabody where his parents were settled. When he came across the popular Green Hornet TV series and was inspired by Bruce Lee, it was the momentous start to his journey. Obsessed with martial arts, the thirteen-year-old boy enrolled at Mattson Karate Academy, and moved on to Kung Fu in 1972 under P. Chan, a Grandmaster in the field. His inexhaustible love for martial arts made him train at the Peter Chung Academy in Taekwondo.

Once he was sure that his calling was martial arts, the images of a dream martial art school began haunting Master McCorry. It is these dreams which took the shape of Bruce McCorry’s Academy in 1978, all set to celebrate forty years of its commencement in 2018.

Meeting Legends and Making Changes
After having mastered Kung Fu and Taekwondo, Tai Chi was the next art which inspired Master McCorry. His indomitable thirst for perfecting the martial artist within him led him on a journey across Asia in 1984. His talent and passion had a golden moment of appreciation when he got the chance to train and make a performance at Shaolin Temple, the sacred heartland of traditional Kung Fu. After coming back to United States, Master McCorry had the cherished chance to train with the man who is considered as the father-figure of Taekwondo in the United States. This was none other than Jhoon Ree, the man behind introductory efforts to establish Taekwondo in the States.

Master McCorry, a man whose energy and passion asked him to learn and experiment with new arts, led him to take up different arts and their variants like praying mantis Kung Fu. A martial artist with many honors to match his perseverance, he is a 8th Dan in Korean KukkiWon, an entrant to the Martial Art Hall of Fame in 2002, and honored with Master Instructor title the next year. Today he continues his training and become a master in energy healing.

The Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts: From Legacy to Life
What originally started as a nascent venture by a young visionary is today one of the long-standing martial art academies in Massachusetts. The experienced and dedicated instructors who became part of the academy from time to time; and the insistence of safety, happiness and needs of the learners has gained for the academy the prestigious name that it today wears. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy at once tries to impart the goodness of heritage to its students, and draws from both tradition and modern research to teach them how they can deal with the specific problems and needs in their life through martial arts.

With offered courses in a number of martial arts, adult, children and family programs, programs for people special needs and seniors, fundraisers, championships and activities, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a name that is rewriting the martial art annals in Massachusetts.  For more information on Bruce and his Academy, visit

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Taekwondo Rio 2016

Taekwondo Rio 2016: 
Olympic Fever is Once Again in the Air.

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Olympic fever is once again in the air. Like every time, martial art lovers are looking forward eagerly for the Taekwondo event, which can be rightly termed the martial art highlight of Rio Olympics 2016. That Taekwondo is being considered a celebrated Olympic event this year has to be attributed to the sheer popularity it has acquired in the past few decades. This 2000-year-old Korean martial art had a spectacular journey into being a globally celebrated sport since 1950s. For a beginner who aspires to reach great heights in martial arts, Taekwondo is a desirable art to begin with and excel in.

The Taekwondo Journey: From Tradition to Glory
The birth of Taekwondo can be traced back to the cultural specificities of the Korea of 1st Century BC, which was a warrior society where physical might and combating skills were much valorized virtues. What emerged as a combat technique later gained philosophical strength through the influence of Buddhism and Confucianism. It refined itself as a martial art imbibing from rapidly shifting dynastic histories and later, Japanese occupation. The modern, refined form of Taekwondo was the result of the foundation of Korean Taekwondo Association in 1962. Taekwondo's first step toward global glory was the establishment of World Taekwondo Federation in 1973. The general martial art boom in the post-war era had brought to limelight the amazing potential of Taekwondo and it had embarked on a journey to win the hearts of learners in 206 countries. 

Taekwondo became an extremely popular martial art in USA parallel to this. In International Taekwondo Federation's Grand Master list, 16 out of the 26 grand masters are from the United States. That so many of international Taekwondo veterans have hailed from USA or have chosen to settle in the country indicates an alternate history: how USA has come to be the unofficial hub of Taekwondo at least since 1952. This also indicates how USA could ensure the presence of four athletes in the Rio Olympics in an event like Taekwondo which is Asian by heritage.

Bruce McCorry's Taekwondo Lessons: How to Make it Big in Your Dream Sports
Taekwondo is one most potent arts where you can aim high and fulfill your martial art dreams. Even those of you who do not wish to take up Taekwondo as a chosen career can definitely benefit from this quick-to-progress martial art. It is not only easy to make quick, countable progress in Taekwondo, but it can effectively boost your health, fitness, self-defense skill, confidence level and attitude to life. It is also one of the most prestigious of global martial arts.

Bruce McCorry's Academy is one example of a long-standing martial art school with a professional approach to Taekwondo, where success comes almost naturally to the learner. The Academy with its nearly 40-year-old history is an early entrant into teaching Taekwondo in the US. Years of engagement has helped Bruce McCorry's Academy to refine Taekwondo lessons from time to time. Today, the Taekwondo program at the academy is a highly demanded course. Open to learners of all ages, the academy lets you explore the spirit and strength of Taekwondo in personalized ways. From beginners who want to get a taste of and enjoy the art, to aspirants who want to get the best of professional Taekwondo training to the highest degree, Bruce McCorry's Academy is your personal choice in Taekwondo. 

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The Best Karate Classes

The Best Karate Classes for Teens and Adults with a Bruce McCorry’s Touch

Even though many share the misconception that Karate is a children’s activity, in fact age is no bar for a martial art like Karate. Many studies in the past two decades have revealed the amazing power that Karate can bring about in the lives of teenagers and adults. Not surprisingly, teen and adult Karate programs are nowadays as much sought after as children’s Karate lessons. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is a pioneer venture in Massachusetts, whose quality teen and adult Karate courses attract students every year from all over the north shore.

Karate: A Martial Art that can actually do it!
There are numerous fitness programs, workouts and art-of-living courses which promise you a wide range of benefits starting with health and fitness and extending up to healing, cure and confidence-building. While very few of these programs actually live up to their claims, Karate is one martial art that you can trust to do what it claims. That is exactly why this art which could have been born and perished in a small island home in Japan actually took the world by storm through its powers and possibilities. Karate can be your final word in your health, fitness, confidence, self-defense and mind healing goals.

Formative Teen Karate Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Karate for teenagers at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is shaped by the latest research conducted in teen physiology and psychology. Teenage years have always been identified a rather turbulent passage from childhood to adulthood, marked with tremendous changes in both one’s body and mind, attitudes and spirit. Karate for teenagers at Bruce McCorry’s is mainly aimed at equipping the body and the mind of teenagers to make this transition smooth and positive. Your child needs a powerful martial art like Karate at the crucial years of his/her growth spurts and psychosexual maturation. Bruce McCorry’s teen Karate lessons also help to channelize the unbound energy of teenage years into productive and physically vibrant activities. Since unchannelized energy may turn into antisocial activities, violence and abuse during the teenage years, a positive outlet like Karate is one good way to keep your teenager safe and help him/her touch success in life.

Martial Arts with a Bruce McCorry’s Touch for Adults
Adulthood is another phase of life, where both the concerns and solutions are different from that of teenage. An academy like Bruce McCorry’s recognizes that a clich├ęd repetition of teen courses and programs is not what an adult martial art learner’s body, mind and brain requires. Therefore, adult Karate program at Bruce McCorry’s is a comprehensive spectrum of practice, theory and method that can deal with a number of adulthood concerns: obesity, lifestyle diseases, lack of fitness, stress and increasing responsibilities being a few among them. Adult Karate program at Bruce McCorry’s is designed to meet the health and fitness needs of adult learners. It incorporates stress-busting and confidence-building sessions that help adults to deal with responsibilities and challenges of home, work, parenting and relationships. Self-defense oriented instruction is another Bruce McCorry’s highlight for both teen and adult programs.

For experiencing the best teens & adults Karate program in the area, make your choice right now and be a part of Bruce McCorry’s Karate Lessons!

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August is National Back To School Month

August is National Back To School Month.
Back to School with the Strength of Martial Arts!

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Every August dawns with mixed feelings for the children of our country: this bittersweet time brings both the gloom of holidays reaching their end, but also the promise and excitement of getting back to school and hanging out with friends. No educational expert would deny the fact that this is also the time your child could do with that extra bit of back-to-school care. It is exactly why this is observed as the National Back to School Month, an endeavor which aims to spread awareness among parents and teachers on how to lend kids a helping hand in and during their school years.

Back to School Preparation: Going the Professional Way with Martial Arts
Your child's school years have a great role in defining how he or she will tackle this world as a person. In today's world, therefore it is important to be prepared for school – for both children and parents. The challenges that a child faces in school years are mainly the following:

* Difficulties in coping up with the schoolwork and studies
* Difficulties in creating and sustaining good friendships
* Difficulties in standing up against bullying, peer pressure or abuse
* Safety risks during commuting back and forth to school
* Health issues such as exhaustion and frequent illnesses

It is only a professional and positive intervention that can actively prepare your child to meet and conquer these difficulties. Modern studies have increasingly proved the role that martial art can play in this. Learning martial art is one easy and effective way of bringing in that professional touch to back-to-school preparation. Martial arts arms the children to tackle these challenges in many ways:

* It actively boosts children's memory, study skills and confidence level. Martial art teaches time management and punctuality. The bulk of the schoolwork issues can be solved thus.
* Martial art has a good way of fostering care, companionship, respect and forgiving spirit in children. Learning to build and sustain good friendships in this way will help them to sustain good relationships in future.
* Martial art is a celebrated self-defense. It boosts not just physical defensive skills but also confidence and courage. With right training, children can easily face and defend bullying, abuse, peer pressure and safety risks with martial arts.
* Above all, martial arts provide your child with abundant energy, good health and a fit physique. They develop resistance to small illnesses and can combat fatigue for long hours.

Bruce McCorry's Programs: The Best of Martial Arts for National Back to School Month
Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) has a number of courses which can help to prepare for school. The Little Ninjas Preschooler program is widely loved program that introduces preschooler kids to the basics of the benefits and potentials of martial arts listed above. After School Martial Arts (AMP) at Bruce McCorry's offers advanced lessons to school-going children in the safety and comfort of afterschool hours and enrollment is now open for September classes. Being one of the foremost and long-standing martial art schools in the area, Bruce McCorry's programs can be your first step of success in back to school preparation. Even parents and elder siblings can enjoy the benefits and insights of martial art lessons through the teen and adult programs at the academy. Let this National Back to School month make a true difference in your life!