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The Best Karate Classes

The Best Karate Classes for Teens and Adults with a Bruce McCorry’s Touch

Even though many share the misconception that Karate is a children’s activity, in fact age is no bar for a martial art like Karate. Many studies in the past two decades have revealed the amazing power that Karate can bring about in the lives of teenagers and adults. Not surprisingly, teen and adult Karate programs are nowadays as much sought after as children’s Karate lessons. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is a pioneer venture in Massachusetts, whose quality teen and adult Karate courses attract students every year from all over the north shore.

Karate: A Martial Art that can actually do it!
There are numerous fitness programs, workouts and art-of-living courses which promise you a wide range of benefits starting with health and fitness and extending up to healing, cure and confidence-building. While very few of these programs actually live up to their claims, Karate is one martial art that you can trust to do what it claims. That is exactly why this art which could have been born and perished in a small island home in Japan actually took the world by storm through its powers and possibilities. Karate can be your final word in your health, fitness, confidence, self-defense and mind healing goals.

Formative Teen Karate Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Karate for teenagers at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is shaped by the latest research conducted in teen physiology and psychology. Teenage years have always been identified a rather turbulent passage from childhood to adulthood, marked with tremendous changes in both one’s body and mind, attitudes and spirit. Karate for teenagers at Bruce McCorry’s is mainly aimed at equipping the body and the mind of teenagers to make this transition smooth and positive. Your child needs a powerful martial art like Karate at the crucial years of his/her growth spurts and psychosexual maturation. Bruce McCorry’s teen Karate lessons also help to channelize the unbound energy of teenage years into productive and physically vibrant activities. Since unchannelized energy may turn into antisocial activities, violence and abuse during the teenage years, a positive outlet like Karate is one good way to keep your teenager safe and help him/her touch success in life.

Martial Arts with a Bruce McCorry’s Touch for Adults
Adulthood is another phase of life, where both the concerns and solutions are different from that of teenage. An academy like Bruce McCorry’s recognizes that a clichéd repetition of teen courses and programs is not what an adult martial art learner’s body, mind and brain requires. Therefore, adult Karate program at Bruce McCorry’s is a comprehensive spectrum of practice, theory and method that can deal with a number of adulthood concerns: obesity, lifestyle diseases, lack of fitness, stress and increasing responsibilities being a few among them. Adult Karate program at Bruce McCorry’s is designed to meet the health and fitness needs of adult learners. It incorporates stress-busting and confidence-building sessions that help adults to deal with responsibilities and challenges of home, work, parenting and relationships. Self-defense oriented instruction is another Bruce McCorry’s highlight for both teen and adult programs.

For experiencing the best teens & adults Karate program in the area, make your choice right now and be a part of Bruce McCorry’s Karate Lessons!

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