Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Importance of Staying Positive and Happy

The Importance of Staying Positive and Happy

Across the world, humanity is going through tough times. The Covid-19 bout, spreading across countries and continents, have created a crisis unprecedented in the living memory for people and our nations. In times like these, with the bustle of everyday life coming to a standstill, it is easy to lose our spirit and feel anxious, disheartened and dismal. However, staying positive and happy is more than ever important in times like these, for yourself and those around you.

Positivity, Well-Being and Health: The Importance of Staying Happy

Scientists and doctors have explored the links between psychology and health, noting that positive vibes can have a positive effect on the human immune system. A very interesting study, as reported by Mark Holder in Psychology Today (Reference), suggested that the immune system of those who feel happy and positive might be able to fare better when exposed to the virus that causes common cold. While no conclusive research has come out regarding Covid-19 in particular, there are several reasons to think that trying our best to stay positive and trying to spread a little happiness for those around us could be the best thing we can rely on, in these times.

While the healthcare system is trying its best to care for those who have unfortunately come down with the flu, the rest of us are bound to our homes, some in the company of immediate family members, and many on their own. This is major reason why we should be trying to stay positive. Without an active effort from our part to engage in activities that lift our spirit, and dwell on thoughts of hope and goodness, there is a chance that many of us might succumb to conditions like anxiety, stress and depression. These are boosters of physical illnesses as well. If unchecked, these emotions could lead to anything from migraines and panic to and hypertension and cardiac risk. An active effort to engage in activities that break stress could avoid these dangers, especially at a time when getting healthcare and emotional support might be difficult. 

Therefore, in spite of how we feel, it is important that we make an effort to take some time out. If we look around, there is so much we can do to feel positive and send happiness around, without stepping out of our homes: we could take care of our health and fitness, find some time for self-care, revive some of our hobbies, read some happy books, tend to the houseplants, catch up on movies that give good vibes, spend quality time with our near ones, or if they are away, send happy thoughts to them over phone. The list can go on.

Consciously trying to stay happy and positive might sound impossible with many around us grieving, and nearly all of us living in the fear of impending ill-health bout or recovering from one. However, hoping for the best, and trying to lift the spirits of those around us could be the only thing that can boost morale of the times. Although people cannot physically come together in a crisis like this, the positive vibes and moral support we send and lend each other, could be the only thing that can emotionally pull us through, while staying safe, alert and healthy.

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