Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why Martial Arts Is Great for Kids
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts in Peabody, MA

From time to time, parents are wary of allowing their children to learn martial arts. They fear either that their children are already being exposed to too much violence or that martial arts will expose them to violence that they hadn't been exposed to in the past. Usually, these same parents are very surprised to find that not only does a martial arts education encourage peaceful resolution of conflict, but it teaches children a number of other unvaluable lessons. What you will find below are some of the top reasons to teach a child martial arts; the same reasons why the Bruce McCorry Martial Arts academy has been teaching children for so many years!

Helping Children Learn Self Discipline

Studies show that children who are self disciplined early on are the most
successful later in life. Well, did you know that one of the core
principles of all types of martial arts is the attention given to self
discipline? In this day and age of instant gratification, learning
important values such as restraint and self-discipline can be difficult.
This is where martial arts can help. Give your child something to work
towards, be disciplined about; and you're giving them a gift that will last
a lifetime.

Martial Arts Encourages Social Interaction

Not all children find it easy to get to know people and make friends, but
this task becomes infinitely easier when they are in an environment of
peers who share a common interest. Even as an adult it can be difficult to
find common ground with just any other person, it can be so much more
difficult for children who may have less confidence and certain less
experience. Putting children in an environment with others vested in the
same activity really gives them an opportunity to share experiences, learn
from one another, and build strong and lasting friendship. Most martial
arts practice requires partnership, mutual respect, and understanding.

Helps Encourage Physical Activity

Long gone are the days where kids get up, go outside, and play hard all
day long. These days it's more likely that you'll find your child in front
of a television screen, computer screen, or on their ipad and cellphones.
Put a child in activity that requires physical activity by definition,
though, and you'll be ensuring that your child is spending his or her time
doing something fun and healthy. Simply, martial arts can help put your
child on a lifetime path of healthy physical activity.

Teaching Children How to Set & Achieve Goals

Every one knows how important it is that children learn to set goals and
take the steps to achieve them; follow through is so important! Let them
learn how to do this through a tried and proven system. As your child's
skill level increases and they aim for the next belt in succession, they
are learning how to set a goal, work for it, and to achieve the goal.

Helping Boost Self Esteem

Self esteem is such an important subject. It can be heart wrenching to
see a child with low self esteem; but it is so fulfilling to see a child's
self esteem rise. When children achieve the goals they have set, their
self-confidence rises. Everyday something new is learned, is another day
that child has something new to be proud of. The more skills that are
learned, the more a child's confidence grows.

Learning How to Respect Others

Another central principle in martial arts is the idea of respect.
Learning martial arts requires the student to demonstrate respect towards
the teacher. This may be an important way for a child to learn respect, as
today the culture does not always promote respect for authority figures. It
is important that children learn to respect those in a position of
authority, adults, their peers, and themselves.

Martial Arts Teaches Non Violent Conflict Resolution

Martial arts teaches many defensive styles so that children understand
how to peacefully dissolve conflicts before they escalate to a physical
level. So, contrary to what many parents have seen in the movies; martial
arts can teach your child to be confident enough to peacefully resolve any
issues they come across. A confident child with high self esteem has
nothing to prove!

Helps Boost Listening Skills

Good listening skills are vitally important to the study of martial arts,
as they are many other areas of life. The only way in which a child can be
taught and succeed, is if they are able to listen and heed the instructions
of their teacher. This can help children who have a difficult time paying
attention to learn how to wait for cues and follow instruction. In turn
they learn that if they listen carefully, they can be rewarded with the
gift of information which they will be able to put to use in the future.

Fostering Teamwork

Very few activities, when learning martial arts, are done alone. Most
exercises require working together with at least one partner in order to
achieve a common goal. The lesson of working with others is an important
one; martial arts can help your child excel in teamwork.

The Life Long Benefits of Martial Arts

Of course, your child will be able to take all the lessons learned in the
dojo with them into other areas of their life. A confident, social,
attentive, respectful child will grow to be a very well rounded and
successful individual. They will be excellent students, friends, family
members, and individuals that grow into well-rounded adults that are happy
with others as well as themselves.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts academy strives to actively promote the
teachings and benefits of martial arts by teaching different disciplines
including: Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, W.T.F., Cardio Kickboxing,
Taekwondo, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

The Bruce McCorry Martial Arts academy was established in 1978 and since
then has helped many to further their personal development, and through
teaching martial arts, has encouraged higher self esteem, better self
discipline, and more confidence within each student.

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