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Think Ahead and Think Best: After School Martial Arts for a Bright Future

Think Ahead and Think Best
After School Martial Arts for a Bright Future


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Are you that parent who feels that you need to think about your child’s school and college only when the time comes? At this moment, your child might be all set to take a break and enjoy the summer at hand, but as responsible parents, you need to think and plan right now to make sure that your child gets all that he or she needs to walk into a bright future. Aspiring for good grades in school and a smooth transition to college is never easier if your child has the power of martial arts with him/her.

Bruce McCorry’s After School Martial Arts: Training in Excellence, One Day at a Time
It has been scientifically proven and well-established that martial arts can help children to be stronger, sharper and intelligent in many ways. An after school program in martial arts, therefore, is an easy and effective way to ensure that your child gets a periodical experience of the best of what martial arts can offer them. In a dedicated and professional martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), the After School Martial Art Program  is nothing less than a regular and effective training in excellence for your little champ.

Bruce McCorry’s After School Program is a simple but unique martial art course for your child that comes with a nationally recognized syllabus and is taught by some of the best martial arts minds of the state. Using just a couple of hours from your child’s schooldays, it can work wonders on his/her life:
  •      Bruce McCorry’s After School Program will make them healthy and resistant to diseases. With martial arts at hand, they can focus on studies and activities without being bothered about health.

  •          Bruce McCorry’s After School Program is a great way to help your child to be fit. It is the answer to a number of problems that ruin their childhood, like obesity, body image issues and lack of confidence.

  •          Bruce McCorry’s After School Program has a great formula that will help your kid to excel academically. The physical and mental training provided by martial art influences the way kids approach their studies. This comes from a combo of many things: a positive attitude, improved self-confidence, less nervousness, better memory, sharper and quicker thinking, and much more

  •      For those kids who want to do great in sports and athletics, nothing can be more helpful than an afterschool program in martial arts. It will give them a daily dose of the necessary physical training that will make their body flexible and quick.

  •         After school hours are supposed to be perfect to learn martial arts, because it will help the child to clear their mind after a heavy school day, give them the much-needed physical activity, and help them to spend fun time with children of the same age.

The Bruce McCorry’s After School Program, which enrolls kids every August, is a sought-after program because of its unique syllabus and because of the chance it offers to learn martial arts from martial art veterans themselves. This year, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has come up with the unique chance for parents to beat the enrollment and get an early start on getting a seat. 

Call right now (978) 535-7878 to ensure that your child doesn’t miss the opportunity to get a much-coveted seat at the school. Choose the martial art school that will transport your child smoothly from the school to the academy!

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center

220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878
Email: info@brucemccorrys.com

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Why Your Child should be Enrolled for Martial Arts

Why Your Child should be Enrolled for Martial Arts

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center

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A preconceived notion regarding martial arts for children is that it is not much more than a co-curricular pastime. However, the wide-ranging benefits of martial arts can transform all facets of your child’s life and make sure that he/she has a successful life in the future. Enrolling your child for martial art lessons could be that one decisive step that could make all the difference.

Why Make the Choice: Martial Arts and its Benefits for Children
·         Martial arts help children to do better in studies. It is not a myth that martial arts make kids sharper. The mind-and-body training that a martial art learner undergoes improves memory and helps kids to perceive and analyze things quickly. A quick, sharp mind will definitely help them to get better grades.
  •  Martial arts aid children in sports. It can make children fit, athletic, agile and coordinated – each of which is a great asset for those who want to do well not in sports, and in other physically demanding activities such as athletics, dance and so on.
  •  Martial arts boost health and fitness. For children, this means that they will be protected from lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and potential cardiac risk from quite early in their lives. Martial art learners rarely tend to be overweight or prone to illnesses in future life.
  •  Martial arts is a great self-defense. It teaches children to be physically strong and courageous, and equips them with useful self-defense modes. Kids who learn martial art are more likely to defend themselves in situations of bullying, assault, or a crime perpetrated against them. Martial arts also teach them to stay away from other concerns of school and teen life, such as peer pressure, drug abuse and risky behavior.
  •  Martial arts help with stress-relief. No one can manage their turbulent emotions like stress, anxiety, worry and fear like martial arts learners. All of these affect kids even more than they affect adults. Therefore children who are early martial art learners grow up to be more emotionally balanced, mature and capable to face challenges than others.
  •  Martial arts can instill values in children. A martial art is not just about moves and meditation – it is also about an inherited value system that forms its core. Learning an art also causes children to imbibe the values respected in its doctrines, like mutual respect, cooperation, goodness, and kindness.

Martial Art for Kids at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Given that why a child should be enrolled for martial arts is no more a question, it is time to choose the right place. If you are looking for a place where your child’s holistic growth and development – physical, mental and emotional – will be safe in the hands of experienced teachers, Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is where you should come.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy has a wide range of program choices for children. Children can particularly be part of two great programs – the afterschool martial art program and the summer program – so that their martial art schedule will be a complement to their regular school activities. At Bruce McCorry’s, your child will get a personalized martial art experience that would be just right for your child – neither too much nor not enough. Fun and enjoyable activities packed in a professionally designed syllabus make Bruce McCorry’s the hub of quality martial arts for children.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center

220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878
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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Little Ninjas Pre-school Martial Arts: For the Little Champions

Bruce McCorry's Little Ninjas Pre-school Martial Arts: For the Little Champions


Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
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Parenting a preschooler is quite a stressful task. There might have been times in your life when you panicked seeing your four-year old violently kicking the pillow or punching the air, or even rushing at siblings in mock-fight. There might have been times when you worried he/she was not starting to talk or walk in time. Before you jump to conclusions about your child’s growth, it is important to know that each preschooler is in a precarious phase: on one hand they are a bundle of unbridled energy, on the other, they are vulnerable to social pressures as well. 

The only way to direct this energy in a constructive manner and to ensure positive physical and social development is by enrolling them in a constructive course like martial arts. What your child needs is a productive and efficient preschool martial art program, and the Little Ninjas Preschool Martial Art Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a great choice.

Little Ninjas Pre-School Martial Arts Program: Your Child’s First and Best Choice

The Little Ninjas Martial Art Course was envisaged by the instructors at Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) as a unique way to address all aspects of a child’s growth and development during the crucial ages of their life. Commenced at a time when most martial art schools were only yet opening up to the idea of preschool martial arts, Little Ninjas Program was an innovative step toward building better persons through martial arts. Open to both girls and boys between 3 and 6 years of age, the Little Ninjas Program offers the following benefits for your little champion:

  • Unlike most other preschool martial art programs, Little Ninjas Program functions on a carefully designed curriculum that introduces easiest, age-appropriate martial arts to preschoolers in an ideal environment.
  • The Little Ninjas Program has a sensitively designed format that blends martial arts with fun activities, games and exercises which young kids would love to take part in.
  • The key attraction of the course is its extremely successful 8-point formula, which works to cultivate eight key skills that are important for a child’s growth and development at this age. These eight skills include teamwork, balance, discipline, coordination, memory, fitness, control and focus. They are intended for the physical, mental and emotional growth of your child and prepare them for the academic, social and personal life that awaits them in future.
  • The program further aims at perfectly developing the abilities that children might need sooner or later in their life. These include social abilities such as communication and confidence, linguistic ones such as fluent speech and comprehension, and physical abilities such as flexibility and motor coordination. The vibrant campus and the exposure it offers help in cultivating these abilities.

The Little Ninjas course provides martial arts in an impeccably safe environment, where experienced instructors and adults monitor conditions all the time, and where special equipment and measures ensure safety and comfort of the children.

Bruce McCorry’s Little Ninjas Program is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to introduce your child to an art that will look after your child’s health, fitness and self-defense skills for the lifetime. 

This is the right time to make 
the choice – say yes today to martial arts!

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878
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Summer Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s

Summer Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s 
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 Martial arts are not for a season, but for life. Still, if you have ever planned to check out martial arts, or have been ever struck by its never-ending list of advantages, perhaps this summer is the right time to take the plunge. Firstly, our lifestyle, habits and practices have changed vastly over the past decades so that martial arts have become indispensably important to our life and you cannot wait any longer. Secondly, Bruce McCorry’s Academy, the number one martial arts academy in MA is here with the exclusive range of summer programs, which is the best venue for anyone to experience martial arts. 

Summer Martial Arts for Adults: Celebrate the Season!
Bruce McCorry’s programs for adults, this summer, are meant to identify some of the key advantages of summer martial arts and let the learners experience them. Here are some of the key highlights of the Bruce McCorry’s approach to summer martial arts for adults:

  • Nothing Matters Like Health: Summer is the time when heat can tire you out and exhaust you. Sometimes, the climate can even imbalance the otherwise normal figures like heart rate or levels of elements in the blood. Martial arts help you to be fresh, energetic and healthy from within during the summer.
  • Fitness is Not an Unreachable Goal: You might be incessantly on to frozen foods and high-calorie delicacies like ice-creams and desserts during summer, which makes it quite easy to put on weight. Ironically, now is when you really need that fit, toned body that you can easily expose to take in the sun. Your dilemma can be resolved only by martial arts, which is the easy and burden-free way to lose weight and be fit without starving yourselves.
  • Being Free is the Goal: Summer is the time when your mind could be at its best – relaxed, calm and free of worries. However, the stress and worry that creep into your mind prevent you from making the best of this amazing season. Bruce McCorry’s martial arts therefore aims at busting stress and helping you to be calm and poised.

The many martial arts courses for adults are open during the summer. They help you to tap the best of the season by prioritizing your life’s goals through martial arts.

Summer Programs for Kids at Bruce McCorry’s: Refresh the Life!
The star of the season at Bruce McCorry’s is the Summer Program for children, which helps kids to achieve a lot in a brief span through martial arts.

  • It prevents kids from turning lazy couch potatoes by inspiring them to be physically active, thus keeping them healthy and fit during the summer and later.
  • It rejuvenates their mind by reducing stress. It is a healthy break after a hectic school year.
  • It sharpens the mind and intellect of children and prepares them for the school year to come. 
  • For many children, the essential self-defense that they learn through the Summer Program is an inevitable asset that helps them to defend themselves from peer pressure and bullying when they return to the school.

To celebrate the season and experience the unique Bruce McCorry’s approach to summer martial arts for adults and children, hurry now. 

Enrollment is Currently Open
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Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How to Take Control of Your Motivation and Never Give Up

How to Take Control of Your Motivation and Never Give Up
 - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

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Many of wish that we could learn to sustain our interest in the tasks that come in our way—whether it be learning something new, a workout program, studying for school, or making ourselves go to work every day. Lack of motivation sums up that inexplicable feeling of not wanting to do something, or not being able to sustain our interest in something that is expected of us. Not surprisingly, motivation has become a buzzword among behavioral psychologists, as they point to a larger trend where more and more people are unable to be motivated. This is true in the case of martial training as well. Martial art could be that magic program that gives you every benefit from health and fitness to stress-relief and self-defense, but what if we are tempted to give up rather than go on?

Being Motivated and Never Giving Up – Some Tips for Martial Arts Motivation
Taking up martial arts is easy—you are convinced of its benefits, you are eager to experience something new, you are waiting for miracles to happen. But once you start, it is natural to think of giving up, out of laziness, the fear of not being good enough, or lack of interest. Here are some tips to help you take control of your motivation:
  • Find a Target: It is important to have a goal to keep you going. Remember why you started martial arts in the first place—was it for health, fitness, stress-relief, confidence? Consult your instructor, and draw up an actable plan to achieve your goal in a given period of time.
  • Choose an Engaging Program: While it is the best to be motivated from within, an inspirational program can actually motivate you, making martial arts interesting and pacing it in the right way. At Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), for instance you get a wide range of choices to pick your favorite from, and professional instructors find a custom method and pace that will keep you interested and focused on your goal.
  • Be Aware of Growth: In a good martial art school, the instructors will let you know your progress from time to time and sustain your motivation. You can do this on your own by logging your achievements. Check in from time to time how your health profile has changed, how many pounds you have lost, how calmer or confident you feel. Be aware of the growth that is happening to you.
  • Be Present-Oriented: In martial arts, anticipating future failures could make you lose interest. Instead, stay focused on your current progress and leave worrying about future.

Being Motivated in the Martial Arts Way
In fact, the four-fold program outlined above, where you find a goal of your own, engage yourself in a program, track the growth and focus on present can be the formula for finding motivation in anything that you do. However, the greatness of martial arts is that once you start practicing it, it will keep you energized, focused and spirited to the point that you will start feeling intrinsically motivated to do the other things that you are supposed to do such as studies or work. Martial arts is that miracle program that can help you find motivation with all aspects of your life. Say yes to martial arts, and find that extra push that you need to get yourself going!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals with Martial Arts

It is the time to make those resolutions once again, and when the New Year is here, no other goals top the resolution list but health and fitness goals. In your case, this might have never happened before, but this year, why not make your health and fitness goals actually last a year and make a real difference to your life? With martial arts for your help, this is not as impossible as it sounds, and no health and fitness goal is really unreachable.

Meeting Health Goals with Martial Arts
If you are being trained in a quality martial art school under professionals, you might already know that martial arts can work wonders with your health. Some highlights are these:
  • Martial arts can help with lifestyle diseases: Conditions like diabetes, thyroidism, lipid imbalances and hyper- or hypotension might not be curable, but with regular martial art sessions, you can keep them at controllable levels.
  • Martial arts help to reduce health risks: Many of the major health risks related to heart and brain can be reduced considerably through a physically active lifestyle. Regular martial art training can do this for you.
  • Martial arts can help with health conditions: If you are aiming at living a quality life while suffering from a serious health condition like muscular syndromes, bone-related health issues or illnesses like cancer, the right martial arts can often physically add to your treatment, alleviate pain, help to boost your spirit and make a difference.
  • Martial arts can help in mental well-being: The root of many health goals lie in reducing stress, relaxing, feeling sure about yourself and feeling confident. Martial arts is the perfect solution for psychological and emotional well-being as it helps with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and emotional balance.

Meeting Fitness Goals with Martial Arts
When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, nothing beats martial arts in the game:
  • Weight-Loss Goals: Martial arts offer you a regular physical activity in a supervised environment under guidance. It rarely demotivates you like tiresome workout regimes. Not surprisingly, it is much easier to accomplish your weight-loss goals with martial arts.
  • Burning Calories and Fat: There are many martial arts that can burn calories and fat quicker and with less effort compared to regular workout regimes. This means reaching your fitness goals faster and easier.
  • Toned Muscles: For those fitness lovers who love toned muscles and specific muscle-based workouts, nothing works better than martial arts. There are martial arts which can help you gain those sculpted muscles in general, and there are martial arts with moves that focus on particular muscles.
  • Long-Term Fitness Goals: Martial arts is the one right way to set long-term fitness goals and achieve them. Learning martial arts from young ages is a great way to say no to obesity in later life. Even those learners with a hereditary risk of weight-gain and obesity and achieve their long-term fitness goals easily through martial arts.

Health and fitness goals become achievable through martial arts only when you learn under those who can gauge your personal needs and adapt martial arts to suit your custom needs. This is why the long-standing Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) is one of the perfect choices when it comes to realizing your health and fitness goals through martial arts. Make your choice today and make your choice right!

Friday, April 23, 2021

How to Use Karate to Help Children Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Fear


How to Use Karate to Help Children Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Fear

Written by:
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
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Even though some adults passed through childhood with less stress and worry, a vast majority of them assume that today's childhood is devoid of worries or problems. Nothing could be farther from the truth; the current generation of children are facing a wide range of stress, fear and anxiety factors. These pressures have been accelerated by today's pandemic and lifestyle changes and the ever increasing dangers that pop up on a daily basis. As parents, guardians or generally just adults, the key question is how to help kids cope with such complex problems. The answer is Karate. It's a great solution to help solve the problem of the ever present stress, anxiety and fear in our children.
The Four leading Causes of Anxiety and Fear in Kids
Irrespective of the cultural, economic or racial divide, there are several key factors that studies have shown that are leading causes of anxiety and fear in kids. These factors include the following;
Fear of criticism from the society: it does rank at the top of almost every kids list. Most kids define criticism as the fear of either being reprimanded by teachers, parents, siblings or even schoolmates and friends. Most kids end up having low self-esteem and are continuously apprehensive about future criticism.
Workload from school: examinations have become the alpha and the omega for school going kids, the school curriculum has grown in leaps and bounds. There are more subjects, projects, assignments and exams being offered. Parents, teachers and the society in general have become more demanding in terms of results and expectations; this translates into more anxiety for kids.
Peer pressure from friends: almost every kid wants to fit into a certain grouping. This desire may force kids to participate in certain activities that their parents or the kids themselves may not approve of. This leads to bouts of anxiety and apprehension as they fear either being caught or are acutely aware of the consequences of their behavior.
Escalated dangers: more than ever, kids are now faced with numerous dangers than what meets the eye. There are more instances of bullying, sexual assault and physical harm from both strangers and people known to them. Most kids are more apprehensive about venturing outside and interacting with strangers or sadly, even close family members.
How Karate reduces Stress and Anxiety
All over the world, people have come to realize the role of martial arts in keeping its practitioners stress free. Karate ranks quite high in this regard, especially for kids. It does this through several ways;
Karate boosts the self-confidence of kids as they feel more assured about themselves because they can defend themselves against bullies and other physical assault instances. Kids who learn karate tend to face challenges calmly. They have a lot of self belief.
Karate is also known to help reduce stress. Kids start facing life practically and stop worrying about small problems.
Children who practice karate tend to have high tolerance levels and learn the importance of respect. They can handle criticism better; they appreciate the need to get better in whatever they do.
The rigors and physical body movements practiced in karate helps kids to actively keep their minds well occupied from the movements they learn.
Karate is also known to help build character and personality amongst kids. They find it relatively easy to say no to something they are not comfortable about. They are not easily swayed by peer pressure or affected by classroom stress.
Why enroll in Karate Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy?
With a tradition of 43 years, the academy does pride itself in having a well structured curriculum, highly qualified and very experienced instructors and is known as the leading martial arts academy in the north shore. The classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts are kid's centered, giving due attention to the comfort and ultimate safety of your child. After a few sessions, one is bound to see some transformation in their child. It is also worth noting that the academy is open to both boys and girls.
If you desire the best for your children, then Bruce McCorry’s Academy in Peabody, Massachusetts is the place to be.
Enroll your child with us today and you won’t regret it.
Always a Free Trial.
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