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How to Use Karate to Help Children Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Fear


How to Use Karate to Help Children Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Fear

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Even though some adults passed through childhood with less stress and worry, a vast majority of them assume that today's childhood is devoid of worries or problems. Nothing could be farther from the truth; the current generation of children are facing a wide range of stress, fear and anxiety factors. These pressures have been accelerated by today's pandemic and lifestyle changes and the ever increasing dangers that pop up on a daily basis. As parents, guardians or generally just adults, the key question is how to help kids cope with such complex problems. The answer is Karate. It's a great solution to help solve the problem of the ever present stress, anxiety and fear in our children.
The Four leading Causes of Anxiety and Fear in Kids
Irrespective of the cultural, economic or racial divide, there are several key factors that studies have shown that are leading causes of anxiety and fear in kids. These factors include the following;
Fear of criticism from the society: it does rank at the top of almost every kids list. Most kids define criticism as the fear of either being reprimanded by teachers, parents, siblings or even schoolmates and friends. Most kids end up having low self-esteem and are continuously apprehensive about future criticism.
Workload from school: examinations have become the alpha and the omega for school going kids, the school curriculum has grown in leaps and bounds. There are more subjects, projects, assignments and exams being offered. Parents, teachers and the society in general have become more demanding in terms of results and expectations; this translates into more anxiety for kids.
Peer pressure from friends: almost every kid wants to fit into a certain grouping. This desire may force kids to participate in certain activities that their parents or the kids themselves may not approve of. This leads to bouts of anxiety and apprehension as they fear either being caught or are acutely aware of the consequences of their behavior.
Escalated dangers: more than ever, kids are now faced with numerous dangers than what meets the eye. There are more instances of bullying, sexual assault and physical harm from both strangers and people known to them. Most kids are more apprehensive about venturing outside and interacting with strangers or sadly, even close family members.
How Karate reduces Stress and Anxiety
All over the world, people have come to realize the role of martial arts in keeping its practitioners stress free. Karate ranks quite high in this regard, especially for kids. It does this through several ways;
Karate boosts the self-confidence of kids as they feel more assured about themselves because they can defend themselves against bullies and other physical assault instances. Kids who learn karate tend to face challenges calmly. They have a lot of self belief.
Karate is also known to help reduce stress. Kids start facing life practically and stop worrying about small problems.
Children who practice karate tend to have high tolerance levels and learn the importance of respect. They can handle criticism better; they appreciate the need to get better in whatever they do.
The rigors and physical body movements practiced in karate helps kids to actively keep their minds well occupied from the movements they learn.
Karate is also known to help build character and personality amongst kids. They find it relatively easy to say no to something they are not comfortable about. They are not easily swayed by peer pressure or affected by classroom stress.
Why enroll in Karate Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy?
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