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How to Take Control of Your Motivation and Never Give Up

How to Take Control of Your Motivation and Never Give Up
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Many of wish that we could learn to sustain our interest in the tasks that come in our way—whether it be learning something new, a workout program, studying for school, or making ourselves go to work every day. Lack of motivation sums up that inexplicable feeling of not wanting to do something, or not being able to sustain our interest in something that is expected of us. Not surprisingly, motivation has become a buzzword among behavioral psychologists, as they point to a larger trend where more and more people are unable to be motivated. This is true in the case of martial training as well. Martial art could be that magic program that gives you every benefit from health and fitness to stress-relief and self-defense, but what if we are tempted to give up rather than go on?

Being Motivated and Never Giving Up – Some Tips for Martial Arts Motivation
Taking up martial arts is easy—you are convinced of its benefits, you are eager to experience something new, you are waiting for miracles to happen. But once you start, it is natural to think of giving up, out of laziness, the fear of not being good enough, or lack of interest. Here are some tips to help you take control of your motivation:
  • Find a Target: It is important to have a goal to keep you going. Remember why you started martial arts in the first place—was it for health, fitness, stress-relief, confidence? Consult your instructor, and draw up an actable plan to achieve your goal in a given period of time.
  • Choose an Engaging Program: While it is the best to be motivated from within, an inspirational program can actually motivate you, making martial arts interesting and pacing it in the right way. At Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), for instance you get a wide range of choices to pick your favorite from, and professional instructors find a custom method and pace that will keep you interested and focused on your goal.
  • Be Aware of Growth: In a good martial art school, the instructors will let you know your progress from time to time and sustain your motivation. You can do this on your own by logging your achievements. Check in from time to time how your health profile has changed, how many pounds you have lost, how calmer or confident you feel. Be aware of the growth that is happening to you.
  • Be Present-Oriented: In martial arts, anticipating future failures could make you lose interest. Instead, stay focused on your current progress and leave worrying about future.

Being Motivated in the Martial Arts Way
In fact, the four-fold program outlined above, where you find a goal of your own, engage yourself in a program, track the growth and focus on present can be the formula for finding motivation in anything that you do. However, the greatness of martial arts is that once you start practicing it, it will keep you energized, focused and spirited to the point that you will start feeling intrinsically motivated to do the other things that you are supposed to do such as studies or work. Martial arts is that miracle program that can help you find motivation with all aspects of your life. Say yes to martial arts, and find that extra push that you need to get yourself going!

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