Friday, September 27, 2013

Karate Classes for Kids - Helping Children Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Helping Children Overcome Fear and Anxiety with Karate 
written by: Master McCorry

Adults think of childhood as a happy phase with no worries and all joy. In fact, studies show that today's’ kids experience much more stress, anxiety and fear than the earlier generation kids used to experience. Anxiety and fear in kids has become a common problem, mainly due to the burdening lifestyle and dangerous society. How can we cope with this problem? Is there a permanent solution to fear and anxiety in kids?

Why are the Kids Worried – The Causes of Anxiety and Fear in Kids Ask your kid what causes fear and anxiety in his/her life – you are sure to get a long list. Kids today have more than enough reasons to be worried. Here are some of them: · Criticism from the society: This counts among the foremost reasons. Criticism includes the fear of getting reprimanded by parents, the fear of being criticized by teachers and so on. It makes kids undervalue themselves and worry about possible criticism in the future. · Dangers: Kids nowadays face many more dangers than what parents notice. Bullying from classmates, hazing from seniors, attempts at physical and sexual assault – many kids worry about these dangers.

· Work stress: Today’s kids have an overload of syllabus and less time to cover it. Examinations, assignments, presentations and projects – all cause much anxiety. On one hand is the anxiety of completing the work before the deadlines, on the other hand, there is the worry about whether the work will be appreciated or not.
· Peer pressure: It is natural that kids may be forced by their friends to indulge in unwilling activities. This too causes kids to be nervous and worried.

Karate: The Panacea for Fear and Anxiety The role of martial arts in keeping its learners stress-free is getting recognized all over the world. Among the martial arts, karate is believed to possess the ability to reduce the stress-level and anxiety in kids. Karate works wonders in many ways:
· Karate boosts the self-confidence of the kids. They start feeling confident that they can defend themselves from physical dangers such as bullying and assault. Students who practice Karate face life with calmness. They start believing in themselves.
· Karate is a good stress-buster. Often, it does the job of a meditation. Children stop worrying about trivial things in life, and start facing life practically. · Karate fosters values like mutual respect and tolerance in kids. They realize that criticism is a part of life, and being criticized does not always mean that whatever they did was worthless. · The physical movements practiced as a part of Karate help kids to keep their mind occupied.
· Karate strengthens one’s personality. Kids who learn karate remain sure of their own opinions. They do not find it difficult to say no if they are not willing to do something. This helps them to counter peer-pressure and classroom stress.

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