Friday, October 4, 2013

Martial Arts for Adults Peabody

How Martial Arts helps Adults to Reduce Anxiety 
written by: Master McCorry

Martial arts are no more an unfamiliar topic to common man, thanks to the hundreds of movies on the subject. However, these movies have implanted a wrong notion in us that martial arts are based on violence and aggression. In fact, this is the exact opposite of the real goal of martial arts – they aim at reducing aggression, hostility and anxiety. Let us explore the nexus between anxiety and martial arts a bit further.
Why We Worry?

Anxiety and consequent violent outbursts are quite normal in today’s life.
We worry for everything, from the most trivial reasons to the most
hazardous dangers. 

Here are some major causes behind anxiety among adults:

· Stress from work: Every work demands something from the worker. Is my
work perfect? Will my superiors and customers accept and appreciate my
work? All these are our concerns.

· Time management: In the hurry style of the modern society, managing time
is quite challenging. We all have too much things to do and too little
time. This adds to our anxiety.

· Managing duties: All of us have multiple duties to perform. A worker at
office, a parent at home, a partner in relationship – finding space for all
these and managing them simultaneously requires some skill. Yet another
cause to worry.

· Health and Beauty: Most people are unsatisfied by the way they look and
feel about themselves. On one hand are the worries of every average human
being: looking unfit, looking dull, ageing and so on. On the other hand are
the concerns about health – diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and the like.
All these contribute to anxiety.

Can Martial Arts be an Answer?
Definitely, YES! 
Many studies have proven the great role martial arts play
in reducing stress and anxiety among adults. What makes this possible?
First, martial arts lessen the occurrence of situations that cause anxiety.
On the other hand, martial arts acts like a mechanism to reduce anxiety in

· Martial arts increases our concentration and diligence. Naturally our
work improves. This means less chance for worrying at the office.

· Martial arts soothes us and makes us appreciate life without haste.
Gradually, our time management improves, and this reduces our anxiety

· Martial arts strengthens our social skills. Our relationships with
colleagues, kids and partners improves. We find time for everyone, and this
eliminates one big cause of stress from our chart – namely strained

· Martial arts makes us physically robust. It rejuvenates us and keeps us
fit. It prevents lifestyle diseases to an extent. Secondly, it makes us
appreciate our worth and helps us to be self-contented. We stop worrying
about our body.

· Martial arts do the benefit of a meditation. It keeps our mind calm and
makes thoughts clear.

· Martial arts keeps physical fatigue and mental worries at bay. Rhythmic
movements in martial arts refresh our body and mind.

Lead a Stress-Free Life with Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Many martial art aspirants who want a stress-free life choose to learn
martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy, Peabody, Massachusetts. Bruce
McCorry’s with a tradition of 40 years offers many different martial arts
courses. In the academy, experienced teachers conduct classes based on a
simple syllabus. The serene atmosphere evokes the tranquility of a
worship-center. Bruce McCorry’s offers classes for both children and
adults. The academy offers a pleasant learning experience aimed at reducing
stress. Within a few weeks of training, you will experience less stress,
less aggression and fewer outbursts in your life. Come to Bruce McCorry’s
and begin life anew. 

Proudly serving Peabody and all surrounding North Shore MA towns such as:
Amesbury, Andover, Beverly, Boxford, Burlington, Danvers, Essex,
Georgetown, Gloucester, Groveland, Hamilton, Haverhill, Ipswich, Lawrence,
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