Thursday, October 10, 2013

Self Defense Classes Peabody MA

Self Defense for Women and Men through Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry
Everyday, the newspaper reaches our homes with the shocking news of crimes and assaults
. Sadly, these are our realities in today's world. The society has become so insensitive to violence that even the news fails to shock us any more. However, when there is a chance of ourselves becoming a victim, we start dreading. According to the data collected by Neighborhood Scouts, Massachusetts alone reported 184,458 crimes during the last one year, out of which 30,553 were violent crimes. The state reported 210 murders and 1,745 rapes. This shocking study further reveals that your chance of becoming a victim is 1 in 214 in Massachusetts. Men and women are equally prone to this violence. This is not only the case of Massachusetts, but also other societies. Completely eradicating such crimes is still a distant dream for most governments. What we can do from our part is to be always on alert and always prepared to defend ourselves. But, at the same time, we must also go about living our lives happy and without worry. Self-Defense and Martial Arts Preparing ourselves does not mean buying a pepper spray. Of course, a pepper spray can be effective, but to be constantly on alert, you need something more, something like a proper defense technique. Martial arts can be one such technique. 

Let us take a look at how various martial arts can be useful in self defense for 
men and women.

· Kickboxing moves like kicking, punching and kneeing are so quick-paced
that they will help you to attack the enemy even before he/she realizes
what is happening. Kickboxing uses a technique called combat qi, which will
prevent you from feeling pain even if you get hit.

· Karate moves teach you how to dodge or deflect an attacker and then
fight back.

· Aikido helps you to remain invulnerable to any sort of attack and then
hit back, making the attacker vulnerable.

· Kung Fu teaches you different defense methods like centerline defense.
The signature punches in Kung Fu help you to apply as much as 300 pounds of
force to the opponent’s body at once.

· Jiu-Jitsu bases its defense technique on the concept of the center of
gravity. Disrupting the center of gravity of your opponent will help you to
overthrow him/her easily. This works even when the enemy is armed.

· The Keysi Style helps to overpower your attacker without relying upon
kicks and solely relying upon small fast-paced movements.

· Krav Maga improves your hand-eye coordination so intensely that you
become able to defend yourself spontaneously without any second thought.

Other popular martial arts like Tai Chi, Taekwondo, XMA and MMA also help
a lot in self-defense.

Learn to Defend Yourselves at Bruce McCorry’s Academy The former students of Bruce McCorry’s Center of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) often talk about how the martial art training at the academy equipped them powerfully in self-defense. Bruce McCorry’s has a legacy of 40 years in martial arts. The academy conducts classes in 10 different martial arts. Through this effective training, defense becomes a second nature to you. At the academy, you get the golden chance to learn from the veterans of different martial arts. Martial art classes at the academy help you to realize your potential and develop self-confidence. The classes are open for both adults and kids. Equip yourself to face any attack by taking up martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s.

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