Friday, January 31, 2014

Kickboxing for Women

Why Should Women Choose Kickboxing - Five Reasons 
written by: Sandra LaRosa

The times are gone when women always had to play second fiddle to men. The
twenty-first century woman is confident, assertive, ambitious and yes,
sporty. Women are making their mark in those areas of physical activity
which were reserved for men till yesterday. A few decades before, a woman
in a sports field, a martial arts stage or a boxing ring would have
astounded many people. However, the notions are changing nowadays. Today’s
woman is a champion in many a sport, and she shines in martial arts arenas.
Especially, martial arts like kickboxing are considered to be particularly
advantageous for women.

Women and Kickboxing – The Benefits
Kickboxing is a competent martial art that draws its movements from
cardiac workouts and boxing rings. When it comes to martial arts for women,
kickboxing is often hailed as a good choice. Why should women prefer
kickboxing? Here are five remarkable reasons.

1. Less fat, happy life: 
Kickboxing varieties like Cardio Kickboxing can shed your fat and boost
the working of your heart. The optimum level of fat that a human being
needs to retain in his/her body is called the set point. The kickboxing
workout can help you to keep your body fat level exactly at your set point
in a healthy way – no less, no more. 

2. Toned muscles: 
The specialty of kickboxing is that its focus falls evenly on every muscle
in your body. Women often complain that working out at a gym makes their
body muscular in an awkward way. Kickboxing tones your muscles in a
proportionate and even manner, maintaining your feminine beauty.

3. You can be your own protector: 
Kickboxing is one of the most efficient exercises out there, but this does
not belittle its amazing self-defense possibilities. Whether you are a
woman or a man, knowing a technique that can help you to be your own
rescuer is a precious advantage, period. 

4. No worrying, no hurrying: 
American Psychological Association notes in one of its surveys that 57% of
women read about ways to manage stress. Stress leads to an array of
consequential behaviors such as aggression, agitation, uncontrollable
anger, urgency in doing tasks and even depression. Cardio Kickboxing is the
perfect key to reduce stress and restore calmness to your life.

5. Confident is the new sexy: 
The society will value individuals only if they are sure of themselves.
This is the greatest gift that Kickboxing can hand you on a platter. Being
proficient in Kickboxing means that you will be confident, powerful and
above all, proud of yourselves. Isn’t that something everyone has longed
for, sometimes or other?

Kickboxing for Women at Bruce McCorry’s - Over 17 Years!
The kind of academy you choose is very important when it comes to martial
arts learning. The woman in you needs a coaching center that can bring out
the best in you – an academy that can change your life forever. You get
that golden chance nowhere other than Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial

Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s is an extraordinary experience. 
The Kickboxing program is always updating with fresh workouts at Bruce McCorry’s and headed by myself. The program also includes experienced teachers like Madame Christine and Madame Amanda. Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s can help you to bring out the power of woman that lies dormant in you. Why not give it a try?

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