Friday, January 24, 2014

Martial Arts for Positive Single Parenting

Martial Arts and its role in Positive Single Parenting 
written by:Master McCorry

Ask any parent the most memorable moment of their life, their answer will
always be the same: the moment they became a father or a mother. The birth
of a child not only brings about a seao change in your life, but it also
places a huge responsibility on you. If this is the case of families with
both parents, just imagine the stress and challenges that a single parent
would have to undergo.

According to a recent report by the US Census Bureau, there are around 14
million single parents in USA and they raise 22 million kids. This means
that one out of every four kids is raised by a single parent. At least
until the age of thirteen, most kids are emotionally and mentally dependent
on their parents. If kids should achieve emotional stability and high
emotional quotient, they need parents who are emotionally stable and
self-sufficient. This is the greatest challenge faced by most single
parents as they themselves will be going through tough times - coping up
with separation, running a home and raising a kid all by themselves.

Martial Arts: A Panacea for Positive Single Parenting?
In such difficult conditions, the only way to ensure that your kids grow
up in a positive atmosphere is to engage them in something that will demand
their attention. A productive pastime like, say martial arts, will
fruitfully engage your child. It will divert their attention from the
lonely atmosphere of the home. Another added benefit is that your kids will
have a secure place to spend their after-school time until your work gets

Martial arts can make your child confident, self-respecting, contented and
happy. Kids who learn martial arts deal better with crucial life situations
and keep calm at the face of crisis. Martial arts will fill your child’s
life with positive vibes. Yes, martial arts is an actual cure – an
alternative for the lonely hours your child would spend at home, watching
television or playing computer games.

Martial Arts: The Magic Bullet for Your Kid’s Overall Development
Martial Arts is a mĂ©lange of various art forms. Studies have proven
that Martial Arts can make your kid physically fit, confident, disciplined and
emotionally stable. Martial Arts is all the more beneficial for your kid if you are
a single parent, because, Martial Arts is an art that can make children shed their
inhibition and break out of their shells.

 Martial Arts Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
The Martial Arts program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is a course with
a difference. This unique program is specially conceived to accommodate
learners belonging to any age.

Most martial arts centers ignore the possible safety risks of a full
contact martial art. However, Bruce McCorry’s is one of those rare
academies where all types of risky practices such as cage fighting are
deliberately avoided for the safety of the kids. In addition, the classes
are engaged by masters who have years of experience in Martial Arts.

Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s will transform your kid’s persona. It will equip
him/her to take on the world. Promise your kids a successful life by
choosing Bruce McCorry’s for them!

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