Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Martial Arts to Prevent Domestic Violence

Self-Defense Oriented Martial Arts Classes to Prevent Domestic Violence 
written by: Master McCorry

While February 2014 is being celebrated as the Teen Domestic Violence
Awareness-Prevention Month, we have to understand the upsetting reality that instances of domestic and non-domestic assaults are on the rise in the United States. A peek into the domestic violence surveys will paint a poignant picture before us. One survey by the National Domestic Violence Coalition notes that if we take physical assault alone, 1.3 million women can be considered victims every year. If we expand the term to include verbal, mental and sexual violence, a total of 5.3 million women are victimized every year, says the American Institute of Domestic Violence. SafeHorizon (www.safehorizon.org) points out that one in every three women die each year in the US due to assaults by either the current partner or the former partner. The peril of violent assaults and consequent deaths has got entrenched in our society.

Why Fight for Yourselves - The Importance of Self-Defense
From the part of government, several measures are being taken to prevent instances of violence against women. The Violence against Women Act focuses on mobilizing women power to fight against the assaults. The act for Family Violence Prevention and Services is yet another ambitious step toward this goal. However the painful truth is that the numbers of domestic violence are on constant increase, despite such measures. The message is clear: there is no one else to protect us, but ourselves. This is where self-defense becomes relevant.

Martial Arts: The Most Effective Self-Defense
Self-defense can buy anything – even a bottle of pepper spray or a Taser. However, athletic defensive measures such as martial arts are real life-savers compared to such one-time helpers. 

What makes martial arts a ten times better option?

* Ability to react instantly: the knowledge of a martial art will help you to react instantly to any assault. Quick reaction ability is one gift that martial arts learning gives you.

* Effective resistance: martial arts will not fail you at a crucial moment like other defense techniques. It will equip you to fight against violence effectively and powerfully

* Be prepared anytime: One important merit of martial arts is that it
helps you to be prepared anytime. Once you learn a martial art, it will be
there with you forever

* Self-confidence: martial art is not something that modifies your body in
a superficial way. It can make a profound impact on your mindset and make
you a confident person. Thus, it is not merely your physical strength that
improves – it is your personality. Even persons with meek, introverted and
docile mindsets can achieve self-confidence and self-esteem through martial

Learn to Defend Yourselves at Bruce McCorry’s Academy Your chances of achieving strength, self-confidence and power through martial arts depend largely on the kind of academy where you choose to learn. What you need is a place that will prepare you to protect yourselves from any assault including domestic and non-domestic violence. That it exactly why you need the self-defense oriented martial arts classes at Bruce McCorry’s, Peabody, Massachusetts. The defense-oriented classes at the academy aim at empowering every woman so that domestic violence and partner violence become things of the past. Join Bruce McCorry’s Academy and be a part of the noble effort to eradicate domestic violence…


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