Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Martial Arts Summer Program

Have A Fun Filled Summer Holiday Season by Joining The Bruce McCorry's
Martial Arts Academy Summer Program
written by: Master McCorry

Traditionally, summer holidays are known to be the best time for kids to
embark on a number of fun activities away from the usual schoolwork. Most kids tend to spend their summer holidays playing video games, watching TV and engaging in unproductive activities. All these activities cause havoc on their health. For instance, watching TV and playing video games is detrimental to their overall health and can lead to a number of disorders. The best way to ensure your kids spend their summer holidays productively is by enrolling them to the ever amazing Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy and let them benefit from the many fun activities the martial arts summer program has to offer. It is important to emphasize that the academy is now enrolling and the earlier you enroll your child into the academy, the better. The following are some of the most fun martial art activities they will learn and how beneficial it will be for them. A Wide Variety of Fun Activities The summer martial arts program at the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy has a lot of fun activities to offer. Not only will your kids learn the basics of martial arts but, be taught how important being physically fit is to their health and well-being. Before training begins, fun warm-up techniques are performed that are always enjoyable. For example: jogging, skipping, and of course, a few simple advice's and drills from the Master Teachers.
Kids Will be Taught by Professionals One of the most important things about the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is the fact that the trainers here are professionals. Since 1978, their aim has always been to ensure your kids do not leave the academy the same person they were when they came here for the first time. These martial arts experts understand how important it is for someone to learn the basics and techniques involved in martial arts. They have the prowess of training kids of all ages, from young kids, 4 years and above. The skills they learn at this age is so important and can be applied to their day to day lives. Most kids who enroll in this program enjoy everything about the program and they always look forward to the next training session. It's simply because it is nothing but fun, and more fun!
Personalized Martial Arts Programs 

To ensure each and every child benefits from the martial arts summer
program, each and every child gets personal sessions with the masters to
ensure that his or her skills are observed and mentored. Kids get to learn
a number of martial art techniques and concepts that will help them perform
extraordinary moves. The professionals here understand that each and every
kid has different physical abilities, therefore, each child gets a chance
to be coached independently.

 Let your kids enjoy their summer holidays by enrolling them into the Bruce
McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy Summer Program. It will add to their
physical and mental well-being and it's fun, enjoyable and a lot healthier
than just staying at home watching TV or playing video games.  

We are now enrolling.  Please call today (978) 535-7878 and make this
summer a smashing fun one for both you and your kids.

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