Friday, November 28, 2014

Cardio Kickboxing at Bruce McCorrys

Burn off the Turkey Stuffing with Cardio Kickboxing
Written by: Sandra LaRosa

Holidays are the time when the turkey makes us forget the fitness vows and New Year resolutions. Enjoying a good feast is fine, but it is equally important to workout properly and burn off the excess calories that is a usual part of holiday weight gain. Which is the best workout to combat holiday weight gain? If this is your question, you have reached the right place.

Holiday Weight Gain Facts: What to Know and What to Prevent

Holiday weight gain is a concern among anyone who is conscious of their health and fitness. Weight gain, in itself, is both unhealthy and unwanted. What makes holiday weight gain doubly so? Here are some essential facts you need to know before the Christmas feast gets the better of you:

* Every holiday season (the time from November to December) passes with causing an average American to gain at least one pound of weight. Remember, that’s just the minimum.

* If you think that just one pound can be easily burned off, then there is an important thing that you need to know. Certain medical theories have suggested that the weight gained during the holiday season can hardly be burned off.

* If there is truth to these studies, this means that every passing year will lead to a persistent increase in body weight, which cannot be reversed. One study even points out that within a decade, usually ten to twenty pounds of irreversible fat is added to the body weight.

* Psychological opinions on holiday weight gain suggests that most of the New Year resolutions are on fitness and workout because of the guilt and discomfort that accompanies the holiday weight gain.

Cardio Kickboxing to Fight Holiday Weight Gain

Whether the stats are completely true or not, at least one thing is evident. It is better to prevent putting on weight rather than to strain to lose it. There are ways by which you can prevent holiday weight gain without really giving up the joys of a Christmas feast. Cardio kickboxing is a good option.

Cardio kickboxing is a martial art which balances the benefits of traditional arts with the ease of a modern workout. Veterans have placed kickboxing among the ultimate weight loss methods.

* According to the Center for Health and Sciences, kickboxing can burn nearly 1,000 calories per hour even in a person with obesity

* Kickboxing puts most of the major muscle groups into action. It is a comprehensive workout.

* Heart rate repeatedly climbs and stabilizes during a cardio kickboxing session. This is ideal for both losing weight and maintaining cardiac health.

* Cardio kickboxing makes your body look balanced even after the weight loss so that you won’t appear frail or tired.
Cardio Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy offers quality lessons in cardio kickboxing with its focus on weight loss and fitness. At the academy, you can get clear guidelines on how to use cardio kickboxing effectively for fitness and health. 

The best way to prevent holiday weight gain is to start practicing beforehand, and fall into a regular pattern of workout by the time of holidays. You can also use cardio kickboxing to burn off the weight you have already gained, because it is one of those rare workouts that can minimize the effects of holiday weight gain. When you can use cardio kickboxing to avert weight gain, why hesitate to celebrate the feast!

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