Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Karate Kids – Give the Gift of Confidence, Health and Well-Being

Karate Kids – Give the Gift of Confidence, Health and Well-Being
Written by: Master McCorry

What is it that your child will find most useful in his or her life? You might be asking yourself this question once or twice every year – especially during Christmas, the season of gifts. Everyone needs confidence, health and well-being to lead a happy life. But then definitely, these are not things that you can gift your kids. Or are they?

Karate: Give the Gift of Confidence, Health and Well-Being to your Children
If you want to gift your child confidence, well-being and a healthy life, then Karate is your key. Karate is a simple-to-learn yet effective martial art that has the potential to transform the life of your child. How exactly does Karate foster these hard-to-achieve qualities in your child?

Childhood is for many of us, too young an age to start working out. But everyone needs some kind of physical exercise to remain healthy and fit. Today’s children hardly spend any time on physical activities like playing or running about. Even school gyms fail at providing the necessary physical exercise for kids. That is where Karate comes to your child’s help. It is not intense or burdening like a typical workout, still it is more effective than a workout. It burns off the excess fat accumulated from junk foods, and enhances the blood circulation leading to healthier living.

Karate is not just for health and fitness. It also makes your child confident. Karate teaches many values that are a part of the eastern traditions where it takes birth. It teaches how to keep calm at the face of difficulties, how to face and overcome challenges, and how to take on the world boldly. Along with confidence, learners also achieve values like compassion, socializing, mutual help, trust and acceptable behavior.

Karate contributes to the holistic well-being of a child. It enhances the capacities of mind such as analytic power, reasoning ability, thought-processing and decision making. These are all faculties that would help children in studies, especially in subjects like arithmetic.

Gifting the Best: Karate Lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
One of the best places that offers quality Karate lessons for children on the North Shore and surrounding areas is Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy in Peabody (Massachusetts). What you get to experience at Bruce McCorry’s is Karate with a difference. Self-defense, self-discipline and self-confidence is the mantra of Bruce McCorry’s Academy. The academy follows a unique learning method that goes beyond the surface of martial arts – the moves, kicks and punches – to the core values that lie at the heart of each martial art.

Karate lessons at Bruce McCorry’s are offered by veteran instructors with years of experience in Karate as both students and teachers. Each learner gets individual attention and care at the academy. Children from three years of age can join Karate lessons. For each age group, the academy has a special curriculum simplified and adapted to suit the learners. Children can also opt to learn Karate in after-school hours with the ever popular AMP Bruce McCorry's After School Program.

The greatest gifts that you can give your children are not PlayStations or iPads – the best gifts are those which they will find useful forever. You can make this Christmas unforgettable for your kids by gifting them the best: a chance to learn Karate at Bruce McCorry’s and be the Karate Kids of future.

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