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Children's Martial Arts Program - Little Ninjas

Now Enrolling: Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja Program

Has your little one dreamed of being a super kid since he/she was a toddler? Whatever be the dreams of your child, as parents, you are the ones who have greater and happier dreams for them. Since childhood, we advise our young ones to dream big and work hard. But the less happy fact is that many of us do not provide them with the chances of coming up with their full potential. If we think about it, there are many opportunities that we can gift our children, more than a good education. Martial art is one of them.

Preschoolers and Martial Arts: Why it is Important?
When you choose something as important as martial arts for children, it is equally important to introduce it at the right age. What is the right time to introduce your child to martial arts? According to experts, it is three. 

When a child is in his/her third year, many aspects of the body, growth and memory are in their formative stages. It is the time when motor skills are coordinated. It is also the time when language, communication and memory get consolidated. It is the time in which kids develop the mental faculties of discretion and conscious thinking. Martial arts can do a lot to facilitate and perfect these skills.

Beginning martial art at this age can have a great impact on your child’s physical growth, brain development, social skills and health. Apart from these immediate impacts on a child’s development, martial arts at a young age is also an asset for the future. Here are some of the major changes that preschooler martial arts can bring about to your child’s life:

* Early beginners of martial arts grow up as healthy children with a lot of resistance and immunity. Martial arts is a shield not just from day-to-day illnesses, but also future complications such as diabetes, thyroid, hypertension and cardiac diseases.
* When a child begins martial arts in a preschooler age, it instills confidence and strength in him/her. Studies show how martial art learners show less stage fear and more poise while addressing a group. Martial art learners grow up as courageous and determined persons who can face any challenge in life.
* One situation in which this self-confidence comes to use is in facing classroom pressures. This can be anything – bullying, peer pressure, stress, distorted body image – early training in martial arts is a good way to equip a child to ward off such difficulties which may arise during school life.
* Early martial arts foster social skills in children. At their lessons, they get a chance to interact with children of their own age and those older than them. Being part of a disciplined system from childhood helps to cultivate proper manners, pleasant behavior, cooperating skills, mutual caring, understanding as well as friendship.
* Preschooler martial arts can boost the academic skills of children. Martial art is a training process that usually boosts and sharpens memory. Similarly, it enhances quick reasoning, analytic skills, comparative skills and mental calculations. Secondly, martial arts also teaches kids to control stress and work through pressurizing situations. These all can come to help in academic performance.
* Martial arts also help children in extracurricular activities. Especially, martial arts improve a kid’s skill in activities that need coordination and movement – such as sports, games, athletics and dance. This is a result of the sharp motor coordination and quick perception which they imbibe from their childhood lessons.

These are only some of the benefits that martial arts can offer your child. It is a lifelong hobby and companion for any child who chooses to learn it from a young age.

Choosing Martial Arts for your Preschooler – at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
We have to pay attention to the kind of martial arts that preschoolers are taught. Many schools often try to impose a miniature version of kids’ martial arts on preschoolers. But what they need is a simplified and lighter scheme that focuses on developing motor skills, speech, thought and memory. Preschooler martial arts is not an imitation of children’s martial arts but a carefully developed and simplified structure in itself.

That is why Little Ninjas – the preschooler martial arts course at Bruce McCorry’s Academy – holds a special position. It is the perfect afterschool program for kids due to many reasons. It is special because the simplified and specially designed curriculum focuses on improving the growth and development of a child without overloading him or her. At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, preschoolers are trained under qualified experts and teachers who are specialized in the field. Each child gets individual care at the academy. We consider safety and comfort of the children as the greatest priorities.

The Little Ninja Program is also unique because it blends martial arts learning with many enjoyable and fun activities. Once your send your little one, he/she will never spend a day without thoroughly enjoying the experience at the academy. Your child will come to love martial arts. Naturally, they can make a progression from Little Ninjas to the Children’s Afterschool Program once they are six. It comes with a lot of facilities and preferences including easy transport from school to the academy campus. If you are late, and your child is already above the preschooler age, you can always choose this regular afterschool program for him/her, which can make your child healthy, confident, fit and happy.

Every year, hundreds of students gather at Bruce McCorry’s academy in order to experience the unique martial art lessons of the academy. This student group comprises of learners from all ages and all sections, from three year olds to senior citizens. This gives a vibrant social life to the campus academy where children get to meet teachers and senior students who have a lot of experience in martial arts. This great atmosphere, which is the result of the 40-year-old legacy that Bruce McCorry’s is built upon, is something to which everyone aspires.

Admissions are open right now to both the Little Ninjas program and the Children’s Martial Arts program. If you want to give it a try before making a final decision, you can opt for the free trial which lets you to experience the classes at the academy first hand. Choose it today for your child and make a difference to his/ her life forever!

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