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Martial Arts and Cross Training

Martial Arts and Cross Training
If you are a die-hard martial arts enthusiast, perhaps cross training is a term you are already familiar with. Even if you are not, cross training is a concept worth understanding – because it is one of the buzzwords among martial art lovers all over the world today. It is also a method that can take you forward a lot if you are a martial art learner or aspiring to learn and build a career in martial arts.

Cross Training in Martial Arts
Cross training is a concept which has been doing rounds in the martial arts scenario since the boom of the Mixed Martial Arts in the West. However, as a concept, cross training dates back to long before that. Simply, the term means training yourself in more than one martial art. Whether you choose to learn two or more martial arts simultaneously or you choose to learn a second or third martial art after being proficient in one, you can be considered a cross trainer. Though it was an occasional or, at most, an unintended practice until recently, its great potential is being noted by experts. This has led to many people advocating and choosing to be cross trainers.

Importance and Advantages of Cross Training in Martial Arts
What makes cross training a trend among martial arts lovers? Here are some answers that might shed light on the question:

1. Whether your an avid weight lifter, yoga ethusiast or, play popular sports such as hockey, baseball, soccer and football, cross training with a martial art combination is the perfect andidoate to help you excel. Cross Training in Martial Arts makes you better by the increased coordination, muscle and flexibilty training and body and mind health it instills in you.

2. Cross training makes your learning holistic: Every martial art has its own unique ways of achieving goals like stress relief and confidence. Sticking to one martial art often means never experiencing the benefits of another. Cross training compensates for this loss.

3. Better health and fitness: If you do martial arts for fitness and health, cross training can assist you in your goals. Many surveys show that cross trainers are fitter and healthier because cross training compensates for those aspects of health and fitness which one might miss out in a single martial art.

4. Shattering Boundaries: Another great benefit of cross training is that it helps you to break out of your comfort zone. When you opt for a second martial art, you are forced to come out of your self-constructed boundaries and attempt new methods. It widens your boundaries and scope as a martial artist.

5. Cross training and kids: Instead of training children in a single martial art, qualified academies nowadays follow in which simple and growth-oriented moves of different martial arts are mingled together and taught to kids. This does away with the difficult and burdening aspects of a single art while providing the benefits of many arts to children.

6. The potential of cross training in other fields: If you are proficient in more than one martial art, it opens up a lot of opportunities for you. Cross trainers are more successful in building a career out of martial arts. They excel in sports, and they are preferred candidates for jobs in the army, police force and volunteer services.

Martial Art Cross Training at Bruce McCorry's
Being one of the best martial arts academies in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody) is a place where you can train in multiple martial arts under the guidance of qualified instructors. On one hand, Bruce McCorry's offers you programs like Mixed Martial Arts which literally blends the benefits of many martial arts into a single practicable course. Secondly, you can also choose to engage in two or more martial arts of your choice at once, thus enjoying the advantages of the true essence of martial arts. Admissions are open - Start your cross training journey today.

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