Friday, January 2, 2015

Martial Arts: The Way to a New You

New Year, New You with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Once again it is time when we look back to the year passing by and look ahead to the New Year. Every New Year comes with celebration and joy. Also, every New Year comes with a new hope, offering the possibility of turning a new leaf. Looking back, perhaps, the year gone by might not have been really great for you. You might have faltered in your resolutions, given up your promises to yourself. Nevertheless, 2015 is here, and it is the chance to begin anew. You are on the doorstep to a new you!
New Year Resolutions: Realizing What We Want
Taking a look at our New Year resolutions will definitely tell us about what is it that we really want in our life. A survey by Journal of Clinical Psychology in the University of Scranton shows us some revealing facts regarding resolutions. Among the top resolutions, some are the following:

* Losing weight
* Getting organized
* Staying fit
* Learning something new

Around 47% of resolutions are on improving oneself, and 38% of resolutions focus on losing weight. Ironically, only half of these resolutions stay past six months. Two years ago, when Forbes came up with their analysis that only 8% of people fulfill their New Year goals, it was a sad moment of realization for us. All of us choose the things we want to achieve the most as our resolutions. Still why does this happen? Is there anything that can help us?
Martial Arts: The Way to a New You
Trying out something new is a preferred resolution for many. What if we can learn something that will not only satisfy our curiosity, but will also help us to achieve greater goals in our life? This magic solution is martial arts. Martial arts, as you might know, comprise of a vibrant and wide range of arts that will help you to lose weight, stay in shape and remain healthy. The benefits of martial arts are not limited to these. There are arts that can make you confident, organized, punctual and much more arranged in your life. Martial arts can also teach you to relieve from stress, and enjoy a happier and wholesome life. Martial arts are one of those rare systems that combine modern workout with traditional meditative and therapeutic techniques. If you want to renew your life and give it a new meaning, martial art is your path.
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Make the Year Worthwhile
Much of the success of martial arts lies in learning it from the right hands. That is why Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, which has the best martial arts talents as its faculty, stands unique. At Bruce McCorry's, you can experience genuine martial arts with all its benefits. We offer a wide range of programs for both kids and adults, spanning over more than ten different arts. Children can join special programs including After School martial arts lessons. From preschoolers to seniors, everyone can find a suitable space at Bruce McCorry's. You can also join as a family. To many, martial arts have been the first stepping stone to success and happiness. Kick off the New Year with Bruce McCorry's and let martial arts be a part of you – a new you!

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