Friday, January 30, 2015

Tai Chi for Balance and Core Training

Tai Chi for Balance and Core Training: Recommended by Doctors 

Tai Chi has remained a popular martial art among fitness lovers for years. Already, both physicians and martial arts experts have reached a consensus on the amazing health and fitness benefits that Tai Chi can offer. These benefits range from physical strength and health to self-defense. However, recent studies in medicine have added two more significant reasons to learn Tai Chi: its ability to assist in core training and its potential to enhance balance.

The Concept of Core Training
For the past few years, abdominal fitness training had been the ultimate fitness mantra for youth. This trend, which started with six pack training in the mid-2000s, has currently grown into trying hard to achieve an eight pack or even stricter training. However, core training involves much more than the superficial abs we see. The core muscles are a set of muscles attached to the spine near the torso. True and effective core training involves strengthening and toning these muscles. If core training is done perfectly, the abs will naturally follow. Strong abs is a proof of the effective toning of core muscles.

What is in it for Doctors: Core Strength and Health
Though fitness is what catches the eye, there is much more to core training than the abs part. It is core muscles that keep you upright and balanced while walking or running. It is what imbibes the impact of footsteps, and compensates for weight shifts. A decrease in core strength would result in back pain and abdominal pain, and it would increase the chance of losing balance, especially among seniors. 

Tai Chi for Core Training and Balance: What Doctors Recommend
For long, Tai Chi had been associated with core strength development. It is a positive step that doctors have started endorsing Tai Chi as an effective treatment for health problems related to core muscles. How does Tai Chi do this?

* Tai chi involves movements of abdominal stretching. This is exactly what core training does through more difficult ways such as roller stretching and ball workouts

* Tai chi involves postures that can actually correct the way you hold your body in daily life circumstances (e.g. while using a computer). This reduces backache by enhancing core strength.

* Quick weight-shift moves in Tai Chi improves core strength and thus improves balance

* Vibrant circular motions in Tai Chi tighten and loosen body muscles in rhythmic intervals. This boosts core power.

* Core strength workouts always need to be supported with breathing exercises. Tai chi involves breathing exercises that helps in abdominal toning, because breathing involves constriction and release of the diaphragm attached to core muscles.
In many ways, Tai Chi is not just an aid for core training. If practiced scientifically, it can be a substitute for core training. Tai chi is a natural counterpart for core strengthening without any side effects. It is way better than the workout methods that try to bring out the abs artificially by resorting to steroids and overconsumption of nutrients.

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