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Overcoming Bullying: Tips for Children and Teens who are Victims of Bullying

Overcoming Bullying: Tips for Children and Teens who are Victims of Bullying
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We hear of bullying cases all the time. It's time to put an end to the bullies once and for all! Only those who have been through bullying know how difficult it is. It does not just make life difficult for the bullied person, but also gradually leaves long-term impact on the body and psyche of the victim. What many children or teens do not realize is that you are not bound to live through your school life being a victim. You can deal with bullying and come out of it, if you once decide to do it.

A Closer Look at Bullying
If you are repeatedly subjected to any form of aggressive behavior by your classmates or seniors, you are facing bullying. It can be verbal like teasing or name-calling. It can also be physical, when the bully tries to target you physically. Even relational aggression, such as isolating someone or not talking to someone is part of bullying. Bullying can take worse forms like hazing or forcing someone to do something unwillingly.

The reasons of bullying can be many – jealousy, desire to impress others, love for control, or dysfunctional family background. Whatever be the reason, the impact it leaves on victims can be devastating. It may cause physical injuries, anxiety, depression, guilt or even suicidal impulse in the bullied child. Often, the victims of bullying are those who stand out different within a group, and most unfortunately, victims often blame themselves and grow up feeling insecure through their lives.

If You are Bullied – Tips to Survive Bullying
First word in overcoming any bullying is to tell yourself that it is absolutely not your fault. Whichever way you are, you are unique and it is no excuse for anyone to bully you. Once you have that mindset, you can use the following tips to deal with bullies.

1. Report Bullying: Bullying is not permitted in any institutions, and you have the right to prevent bullying by reporting it to your teachers, parents or other responsible adults.

2. Manage Stress: Learn to manage stressful situations in life. You can use meditation, martial arts, positive thinking and other ways to manage stress and overcome bullying.

3. Avoid Bullies: Bullying succeeds partly because they know you get uncomfortable. Ignoring bullies and avoiding potential situations discourage bullies to a great extent.

4. Get Friend Support: There might be others who do not bully you, or children who are victims just like you. Get their friendship and support.

5. Be Confident and Self-Protective: Most victims are introverted, diffident or meek. Try to build self-confidence. You can take up helpful things like self-defense techniques, martial arts, public speeking and so on. If you are confident to resist bullying and know how to defend, no one can bully you.

Martial Arts: Your Companion in Dealing with Bullying
Martial art was often mentioned in the above tips, but getting to know it closer will tell you how effective can martial arts be in preventing bullying:

1. It makes you stronger and powerful
2. It helps you to balance yourself emotionally and teaches positive thinking
3. It teaches you elementary self-defense and protective techniques
4. It can be a good stress-relief method
5. It makes you confident and courageous

 At professional martial arts institutions like Bruce McCorry's Academy, you learn to deal with and come out of all stressful situations in life with the help of martial arts. This can be the perfect solution for the difficulties you face in your school or in your social life. Take up martial arts today to build a courageous and confident you!  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, your anti-bullying advocates.

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