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Stay in Shape During the Holidays with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Stay in Shape During the Holidays with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Even if you might not have noticed it, November and December are the two months where your fitness plans and weight charts go haywire. Surveys have proven how November and December are the months that cause the largest weight gain. We eagerly look forward to these holiday months, but once they are passed, we can only think with regret of the flouted diet charts and unattended gym sessions. But if you plan right, this year you can have a perfectly fit and healthy body without ruining your holiday fun!

Holiday Weight Gain: Facts to Consider
It is calculated that the two months of November and December contribute a weight gain between five and seven pounds to an average American. Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of this is that holiday weight gain is irreversible. It is harder for you to lose the weight gained during holidays. Eventually this will lead to an accumulated weight gain over years, which cannot be shed. 

Secondly, even though 5-7 pounds is the average value, this can be even more for people with obesity. Even young and physically active students are recorded with a weight gain up to two pounds during the holiday months.

Reasons for November-December Weight Gain

Major clues to the holiday weight gain phenomenon are these:

1. High-Calorie Diet: Holidays make you relax upon your food habits, and we don't mind celebrating for a while. The major villain in holiday diet is food enriched with sugar and fat – mostly chocolates and processed meat. 

2. Breaking Regular Diet: If you usually stick to a less rich diet, this is doubly difficult for you. Human body always maintains a set point, an equilibrium of fat deposit. When you suddenly switch from non-fatty food to fatty food, your body will store the whole of excess fat for future consumption. This will directly go to the irreversible fat deposit in your body.

3. Disrupted Workout Pattern: Breaking and restarting workout is more dangerous than never working out at all. Each break in workout brings with it a rapid weight gain. Even when you restart workout, it is more difficult each time to shed these pounds.

Celebrate without Spoiling the Fun: Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's

The only way to keep your weight scale on control is not to give up on physical activities during holidays. But even when you realize this; it is simply difficult to keep up your daily workout and diet patterns during holidays. But what if you have something easier, quicker and more enjoyable than workout? That is where martial arts come to the rescue.

The learners at Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) will tell you how martial arts are not just easy to take up, but more effective than workouts when it comes to fitness. Effective martial art programs can make you shed the excess fat quickly and more completely than workouts. Bruce McCorry's has a wide range of programs and schemes. Even three hours of martial arts a week can help you to keep balance on your fitness and health. Now it is your time to think whether to gain weight in an irreversible way, or to say no to weight gain altogether during holidays. Why spoil the fun of the holidays when you can have a perfectly toned body without compromising on health and fitness? Stay in shape during the holidays with martial arts!   Makes a great gift idea too ;)  Visit us online at or call today (978) 535-7878

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