Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adult Kickboxing Classes Peabody

Kickboxing Classes for Adults at Bruce McCorry's – CARDIO at IT'S BEST!

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 26.6 million adults in the United States are heart patients, which comes up to 11.3% of the total adult population. The number of diagnosed heart diseases, cardiac deaths and cardiac risk factors is in a steady rise for the past few decades. Does it mean that Americans are forgetting to look after their heart in their race to follow its dreams and passions? Stats seem to be suggesting so.

Cardiac Health Maintenance: The Martial Art Answer
However you try, there's a limit to what you can do with your daily diet, because much of what is available in the market these days do not offer a healthy diet. This is especially so if you are a working/travelling person. The only way you can compensate is by working out. And that's where many of us fail. The boredom and tiresomeness of the gym is not exactly our best idea of spending an ideal weekend.

But what if you have something easier and more enjoyable coming to your rescue? You might change your priorities if you come to know the amazing effect that certain martial arts like kickboxing can have on your daily fitness and cardiac health.

Cardio Kickboxing: A Martial Art for Your Heart
Beginning as a minor Thai Martial Art in 1920s named Muay Thai, Kickboxing has an astounding history. It went through the hands of martial art experts from different parts of Asia with different areas of expertise, transforming itself in the process. It evolved into kickboxing, and a US martial art veteran named Frank Thiboutot shaped it into Cardio Kickboxing in 1992.

The unbelievable ability of cardio kickboxing to stabilize lipid levels, blood cholesterol and blood pressure was soon discovered, and doctors championed it as a panacea for obesity as well. It rejuvenates your heart by improving cardiovascular circulation. Kickboxing can actually replenish your body of the endorphin hormone. It is the inadequacy of this hormone that leads to chronic stress and depression. Because it has a role to play in de-stressing and bringing down blood pressure, cardio kickboxing has also been advised to those who reported high risk factors of stroke. Once these studies came out, kickboxing became the star of health-oriented martial arts. Three decades since 1990s have witnessed a kickboxing boom among martial art lovers and persons who are conscious of cardiac health.

Adult Kickboxing Classes at Bruce McCorry's Academy: A Step to Healthy Living
Bruce McCorry's Academy is the home of health-and-fitness oriented martial arts since its inception in 1978. We keep ourselves informed of the latest developments in martial arts scenario. With the Kickboxing boom, Bruce McCorry's envisioned and brought to life a professional Kickboxing center for adults and children, now popular as the home of Kickboxing Peabody. Adult kickboxing classes at the academy is a sought-after course and new members have the luxury of trying it for a super low price, plus free boxing gloves by signing up at

At Bruce McCorry's Kickboxing Peabody, you get to learn professional cardio kickboxing from true marital art experts. It is lighter than your usual workout, engaging and enjoyable, and more effective than any gym workouts. It is not just for cardiac health, but also for fitness, mental strength and self defense. At it's your first step to a healthy and fit living through cardio kickboxing. Say yes to your heart now!

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