Friday, February 19, 2016

Martial Arts Summer Workshops at Bruce McCorry's Academy

Martial Arts Summer Workshops at Bruce McCorry's Academy 

The moody winter and the laziness it brings about reminds us that sunny days are just about to arrive. Once again, it will be bright and shining, and the days will be lively. This year, summer is not just about fun and merriment, but it is also about fitness and energy. Working out in warm days may not be everybody’s first choice. That is exactly why you need the unique Bruce McCorry’s Summer Workshops which bring together useful martial arts with fun and activities. 

Martial Arts Summer Workshops: The Key to Fitness for Everyone

Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts offers unique martial art workshops every summer for children, adults and seniors. Your age and strength is no bar when it comes to martial art training.  Summer is the perfect time to flow some energy and liveliness through your veins.

Summer Martial Arts for Adults
In May 2015, the Immunobiology Department at Cambridge came up with the finding that our immunity system undergoes certain seasonal variations which reduces chances of ill health during summer. This means that the energy which we experience during summer is not just because of the sunshine! Though we work hard to maintain our beach bodies during winter, very few keep this up in summer. The summer workshops for adults help to maintain overall health and fitness, to tone down your body and to keep in shape during summer. It is the perfect way to utilize the energy and health that summer gifts to you.

Summer Workshops for Seniors
According to the same study, cardiac ill health, diabetic problems and arthritis touches their lowest during summer. For seniors, summer is therefore the right time to engage in workout and regain health and energy before another spell of ill health begins. Mild and easy-to-practice martial art sessions at Bruce McCorry’s summer workshops can work miracles for seniors.

Kids and Summer Martial Arts Workshops
Summer is also the apt time for children’s martial art. During school months, kids get to be physically active either at the playground or at gym. Summer, however, is a lazy spell which can do much damage to their health. It is noted that the Body Mass Index for kids reaches the highest during summer holidays. The Summer Program at Bruce McCorry’s for children is a solution to this. It is an engaging course that aims at channelizing the energy of your child to positive activities like martial arts, games and activities which can sharpen their brain and tone their body. Kids who fall in love with the summer program often choose to continue with martial arts in the after school program, once they realize how it helps them in studies and sports.

Get in Shape this Summer at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Workshops
It is quite easy to lose that toned body you flaunted during the winter beach parties. If you don’t want to lose that or if you want to be in shape for the first time, now is the moment to get ready for summer fitness. Bruce McCorry’s is the place to get the best of summer fitness for adults, seniors and kids. Enroll today to be a part of the workshops where you can enjoy with your friends and family!

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