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Motivation and Martial Arts

How to Stay Motivated in Your Martial Arts and Fitness Training

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Motivation has become a keyword in any learning process because behavioral studies have begun pointing out that learners find it more and more difficult to sustain their interest in learning something. This is not very different for martial arts. It is unfortunate, because martial arts are one course that has innumerable benefits for your mind, body and your poise. In this context, what can we do to not lose the zest for martial arts?

What Gets you Going: Motivation and Martial Arts
In psychology, motivation is broadly of two kinds. Extrinsic motivation involves all those outer factors that make you take up something. The rewards, appreciation and the benefits you gain from something all fall in this category. Intrinsic motivation happens when you take up something because you have a passion, taste or aptitude for it. If you are interested in martial arts, and if it gives you all the physical and mental benefits, it means that martial art, for you, blends both the aspects. Then why is it that you lose the enthusiasm? There can only be two reasons – laziness, or the fear of failing in your goals.

Staying Motivated in Martial Arts Fitness Training
To stay motivated in martial arts is of extreme importance because you shouldn't let your fear of failure rob you off its numerous advantages. Here are some tips to not lose your passion for martial arts once you start it:

Have a Goal: If you are clear about the goal that you need to achieve through martial arts, you are not going to lose motivation. This can be health, fitness, confidence, self-defense training, mind healing or a successful career. Since martial arts offer you a myriad range of possible achievements, you can consult an expert instructor for help.

Be in an Engaging Course: In martial arts, your intrinsic passion is enough to get you going. But if you are in a course that encourages and motivates you with extrinsic motivation, it is going to be the best. So choose a program that will offer you a chance to explore martial arts in its full sense, with making all its best available to you.

Watch the Change: If you have a goal, you can keep a log of your achievements. Take a note of how much weight you lost, or how better you feel after each week. Such a log will prove to you that you are definitely not in the path of failure.

Focus in the Present and Visualize a Positive Future: A big de-motivating factor is when you think about the possible difficulties that lie ahead of you. All you have to do is concentrate on your present training and visualize the possible successes in future.

How to Stay Motivated – Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts and Fitness Training
Perhaps, one way to do this all is to choose a perfect martial art school that will walk with you in your journey. At Bruce McCorry's Academy you would find a group of veteran instructors who will help you to identify your goal, work toward it and gauge the progress. You will also find a sociable peer groups whose support and examples will further motivate you. This is your portal to get the best of martial arts without losing the passion. It is time to get inspired!  Visit today.    

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