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Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Voted Best of the Best 2016

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
Voted Best of the Best 2016 - Greater Danvers/Peabody
Market Survey's of America

Martial arts has become one of the most popular sporting activities in the US. People of all ages (from Pre-school to Seniors) are turning to martial arts training as a way to keep fit, have fun and learn the important skill of self defense. When selecting the best martial arts academy, there are a number of factors you should consider. These include the academy's history, instructors, training environment and the martial arts programs available. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has been a leading Martial Arts Institution in Massachusetts that offers a wide selection of programs for kids, teens, adults, senior citizens and special needs for the past four decades.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy History - Since 1978
The academy was founded in 1978 by Master Bruce McCorry. Master McCorry has over 50 years experience in studying and teaching the martial arts forms of Taekwondo and Kung Fu. The academy also employs other martial arts instructors many of whom have over 20 years experience in the study and teaching of their respective martial arts forms.

The Types of Martial Arts Forms Taught at Bruce McCorry's
In its nearl 40 years of existence, Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy has been at the forefront in teaching different types of martial arts including:
- Taekwondo
- Kung Fu
- Karate
- Tai Chi
- Kickboxing
- XMA and and much much more...

Special Programs Taught at the Academy
One major feature that makes Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy stand out is the dedication towards ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn martial arts regardless of age or need. These include kids, teens, adults, senior citizens and special needs

Some of the great programs you can enroll in include the following.

Little Ninjas Program
This is a very popular, specialized program for kids aged 3-6 years of age. Its primary focus is promoting pre-school children's motor and listening skills at an early age. Although the learning is the main focus of the program, the kids get to have fun while at it.  

After School Program
This program focuses on school going children. Parents in Peabody, MA and the surrounding areas now don't have to worry about how their children spend their time after school. The After School Program provides a fun and safe way for children to unwind, learn and socialize after school hours. Transport from your child's school is provided by the Academy.

Special Needs Program
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy's Special Needs program is focused on helping persons with mental and physical challenges overcome them through martial arts training. An often overlooked group. Special needs persons have successfully trained at Bruce McCorry's and ended up leading normal  productive lives.

Adult Martial Arts
At the academy you will find a wide variety of programs for adults. Bruce McCorry's Academy offers courses for adults in Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Cardio Kickboxing, Xtreme Martial Arts and much much more.  Each of these courses are taught by professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

Why choose Bruce McCorry's for Martial Arts Training?

The Academy's history of successfully training people of all ages, from pre-school to seniors, and needs goes unmatched. This is made possible by the highly skilled and friendly instructors who are focused on seeing their students succeed. You can choose from a wide array of martial arts forms and programs based on your specific needs and schedule. The Academy's specialized programs allow parents to find a productive and fun activity their little one can engage in when they're not around to monitor them.

If you're interested in training at the best martial arts academy in Peabody, MA, Bruce McCorry's is the BEST CHOICE. Try a Free Trial today!   

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