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August is National Back To School Month

August is National Back To School Month.
Back to School with the Strength of Martial Arts!

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Every August dawns with mixed feelings for the children of our country: this bittersweet time brings both the gloom of holidays reaching their end, but also the promise and excitement of getting back to school and hanging out with friends. No educational expert would deny the fact that this is also the time your child could do with that extra bit of back-to-school care. It is exactly why this is observed as the National Back to School Month, an endeavor which aims to spread awareness among parents and teachers on how to lend kids a helping hand in and during their school years.

Back to School Preparation: Going the Professional Way with Martial Arts
Your child's school years have a great role in defining how he or she will tackle this world as a person. In today's world, therefore it is important to be prepared for school – for both children and parents. The challenges that a child faces in school years are mainly the following:

* Difficulties in coping up with the schoolwork and studies
* Difficulties in creating and sustaining good friendships
* Difficulties in standing up against bullying, peer pressure or abuse
* Safety risks during commuting back and forth to school
* Health issues such as exhaustion and frequent illnesses

It is only a professional and positive intervention that can actively prepare your child to meet and conquer these difficulties. Modern studies have increasingly proved the role that martial art can play in this. Learning martial art is one easy and effective way of bringing in that professional touch to back-to-school preparation. Martial arts arms the children to tackle these challenges in many ways:

* It actively boosts children's memory, study skills and confidence level. Martial art teaches time management and punctuality. The bulk of the schoolwork issues can be solved thus.
* Martial art has a good way of fostering care, companionship, respect and forgiving spirit in children. Learning to build and sustain good friendships in this way will help them to sustain good relationships in future.
* Martial art is a celebrated self-defense. It boosts not just physical defensive skills but also confidence and courage. With right training, children can easily face and defend bullying, abuse, peer pressure and safety risks with martial arts.
* Above all, martial arts provide your child with abundant energy, good health and a fit physique. They develop resistance to small illnesses and can combat fatigue for long hours.

Bruce McCorry's Programs: The Best of Martial Arts for National Back to School Month
Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA) has a number of courses which can help to prepare for school. The Little Ninjas Preschooler program is widely loved program that introduces preschooler kids to the basics of the benefits and potentials of martial arts listed above. After School Martial Arts (AMP) at Bruce McCorry's offers advanced lessons to school-going children in the safety and comfort of afterschool hours and enrollment is now open for September classes. Being one of the foremost and long-standing martial art schools in the area, Bruce McCorry's programs can be your first step of success in back to school preparation. Even parents and elder siblings can enjoy the benefits and insights of martial art lessons through the teen and adult programs at the academy. Let this National Back to School month make a true difference in your life!

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