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Negative Effects of Sitting: Martial Arts for a Healthy Living

Negative Effects of Sitting: Martial Arts for a Healthy Living 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

A few years back, the Bureau of Labor Statistics came up with the report that six out of every seven jobs that are usually aspired for as well-paying ones in the US involve sitting for lengthy hours at an office. This did not come as a surprise for us as for many of us, it is quite natural to sit for extended hours, sometimes as long as six to eight hours in a stretch, crumpled up before our computers or laptop. But more recent studies have shown that we should be really concerned about the nature of our jobs and aware about what can we actually do to combat its unhealthy aftereffects.

Sitting and its Ill-Effects: Why Should We be Concerned?
We already know that sitting for long hours at our desk is not something that our body finds healthy. The wrong posture with the curved spinal position, incorrectly placed feet, the neck that bends forward and the wrongly held arms can all lead to serious health concerns related to muscles, bones and brain function. But a 2016 research done by The Lancet points out that there is much more at stake if you have a job that demands you to sit for long. It says that inactive hours and extended sitting can increase the chances of cardiac failure and even cause an untimely death. On a positive note, however, the study also points out that engaging in mild to moderate levels of exercises in a day can actually be a counterforce to the ill effects of physical inactivity.

The Importance of Exercise: Martial Arts to Combat the Negative Effects of Sitting
All of us who spend excessive hours at our office desk must know that it is quite difficult to incorporate something like working out to an already packed schedule. Even if one can find time, the work hours at the office leave us too tired and exhausted to even try anything like hard working out. This is where you must know the wonders that an easy and fun alternate like martial arts can perform. This stands for our children as well, whom spend countless hours in-front of video games, computers and hand held devices.  Our kids spend hours at school sitting. Then, after-school are transported home on a bus sitting, and for most, come home, sit or lie on the couch, to play games or watch TV.  Not good!

You will not find an hour of martial arts at the end of the day tiring and exhausting. It rejuvenates you and refreshes your body and mind. At professional martial arts schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), you can find martial art lessons that you can time according to your convenience, at the end of the day or during the weekend. An hour of martial arts under adept instructors and among of a mutually motivating learners can keep you safe from all the fatigue and stress that a day at the office gives to you. It is exactly what the 21st century needs so badly.

At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, one of the long-standing martial arts schools in Massachusetts, you will see how martial arts can provide you with the necessary physical activity to combat the negative effects of sitting. It strengthens your bones and muscles, straightens out your body, increases blood circulation and keeps you away from lifestyle diseases and cardiac issues. Since it is a stress-relief mechanism as well, it is your ultimate companion for your working years. 

Join Bruce McCorry’s Academy today and find in martial arts your ticket to a long, healthy happy life. Get off the couch now and try martial arts for a better tomorrow!

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