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New Year, New You with Martial Arts

New Year, New You with Martial Arts 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Studies indicate that around half of the Americans welcome the New Year with a New Year resolution. Psychologically, the desire to bring about a total change in one’s lifestyle or behavior is closely linked to the innate wish of humans to constantly improve and advance themselves. Despite a strong intrinsic motivation like this, only 8% of the population – the most perseverant of the lot – actually manages to stick to their pledges. Is it an unreachable goal to aspire for a totally new you?

You will find a million sources that tell you how to do it right. They will ask you to set realistic and achievable goals, go through them one at a year and go easy on yourselves. Ironically, while the whole idea of a New Year resolution is to improve yourself and lead a life without limits, the wisdom of the modern pundits asks you to limit yourself. 

A New You this New Year: Martial Arts to Achieve New Year Resolutions
What if you found something that will instead help you to stick to the many unachievable and unlimited resolutions you want to set for yourself? That magic wand for you is martial arts.

Martial arts have a unique influence on your mind, body and emotional profile. This means that it will help you transform every aspect of your life and become a new you. If we practically relate this to some of the most common New Year goals:

* Martial arts will make you fit and toned and will inspire you to remain so. 

* Martial arts will motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle. With the right physical activity and brain stimulation, you can keep lifestyle diseases and immunity-related concerns at bay.

* Martial arts can inspire you to kick your bad habits by helping you to reconnect with your center and be in touch with your inner self.

* If your ideal you is a calm, confident person, martial arts is for you. You can achieve mental quiet, emotional balance and self-confidence through martial arts.

However, the key to any lifestyle change is perseverance. The 92% of the lot fail to live up to their New Year goals not because they care less, but simply because they have a less perseverant personality. Martial arts will help you to work on this aspect of your personality. 

Find Your Ideal Self at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
A quality martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy becomes relevant because of the individual and customized martial art experience you get here. The academy knows that the ideal you can be different for each one. Each of you can have different goals and different paths to reach your ideal: losing weight, leading healthier lives, cutting on bad habits, kicking stress or being confident are only some of them. Some of you might want to reconnect with yourselves, some might want to build better relationships, and some might want to focus more on work or family. 

The personal guidance by martial art experts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy will help you to identify your right goals. We help you to choose the right martial art and learn it in in the right way to achieve your New Year goals. For a unique martial art experience and a unique you, choose Bruce McCorry’s Academy.

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