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NICU and Autism: How Martial Arts Helps to Cope

NICU and Autism: How Martial Arts Helps to Cope

There is nothing more fabulous and wonderful than being the proud parents of your tiny bundle of joy. However, if you have reached this page looking up NICU, perhaps your journey wasn’t all that easy for you. Perhaps you have experienced the nightmare of having your little one in the NICU or witnessing a loved one going through the experience of neonatal complications. If you are here seeking help for yourself and your loved ones who experienced an NICU situation, it is important to know that with right care and support, things can be made alright.

Premature Birth and the NICU Experience: Causes and Consequences
Babies are usually admitted to an NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) if they are born without completing minimum healthy gestation period, which is 37 months. Though babies with complicated health conditions are also admitted to NICU, usually premature births are the most common reason. Data indicates that premature births are much more common than they are usually thought to be – according to CDC, one in every ten babies in US are born premature.

There are a number of factors that might lead to premature birth. Some of them, like tobacco, alcohol and drug use perhaps are those we can try to avoid. Most of them, however, are beyond our control – ranging from health conditions and complications in conception to personal history and infections. A better way to avoid neonatal complication is to check for the symptoms ranging from bleeding and spotting to backaches and diarrhea and do the regular checkups. 

However, if you unfortunately find your baby having to go through the NICU, the most relevant question that needs to be asked is of coping. Coping is not just about the experience - about praying your baby to turn out a fighter and not lose your strength of mind seeing your child’s suffering. It is also about preparing yourselves to face the long-term consequences. In the words of Linda C., the popular blogger who writes about her NICU experience at http://www.nicumama.com/, one cannot ever be sure if they ever survive the NICU. Linda’s own journey started in 2001, when her son was born premature, with severe health conditions. He had to undergo NICU, had to move in and out of the ventilator, even undergoing a tracheostomy and using a g-tube early in life. Though the family survived, the experience left the child with a complex medical history including autism. Though everyone’s experience may not result in complex medical consequences, it is important to know that it could happen.

Coping through Martial Arts: How Does it Help
Consequences of NICU include an increased chance for the baby to develop autism, and other medical complications. Though professional medical help is the most important, alternate healing methods like martial arts can help to cope with a situation like NICU. Martial art helps kids in the autistic spectrum to resolve physical, psychological, social and behavioral challenges, thus improving their life. Bruce McCorry’s Academy, where Linda’s sister, Sandra (Miss Sandra) is an instructor, has a history of helping kids with autism to lead quality lives. Parents of the NICU baby too can use martial arts to manage stress and negative thoughts. A number of regular martial arts and energy healing can help in this. Martial arts may not make everything alright, but it sure might help you to cope better. 

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