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Real-World Issues That Stress Young Kids and How Martial Arts Helps

Real-World Issues That Stress Young Kids and How Martial Arts Helps

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When we imagine childhood from our adult lives, everything appears peaceful, calm and quiet. However, several studies and experts opine that childhood, for today’s children, is not probably that happy time of purely blissful memories. There are several issues that produce worry, stress and anxiety to today’s children. If you don’t equip your child to cope, these worries could leave a long-lasting negative impact on your child’s character, behavior and emotional quotient.

What Bothers 21st Century Kids: The Real Worries

  • 1   Bullying and Peer Pressure: If we look at the real-world issues that worry children, bullying and peer pressure take the first position. Bullying is reported among kids as young as 5 years, and it is a widely prevalent issue, affecting 1 out of 4 to 1 out of 3 kids in the US. Both can cause anxiety and even anxiety disorders among kids who involve with it. Both can lead to emotional and psychological harm that may stay through life.
  • 2   Parental Disagreements and Divorce: While parental disagreements that lead to divorce is an irresolvable fact of modern life, the way it stresses out the children is not properly acknowledged. This happens primarily because the parents, who are themselves passing through a turbulent time, fail to notice or amend the anxiety caused to kids. However, parental divorce is a real matter of worry for children as it upsets their whole world and brings in insecurity and uncertainty to their lives.
  • 3   Dysfunctional Families: If at least one parent in a family is abusive, alcoholic, addicted to substances, or violent, it can unsettle the functionality of the family. Kids from such families exhibit greater chances of developing depression, behavioral issues or anxiety. Even if the issues might be kept hidden, children tend to witness it somehow, although without knowing the implications, and this can cause damage.
  • 4   Assault and Violence: Violence against children is a serious concern. In US, 1 out of 5 girls and 1 out of 20 boys have experienced child sexual abuse. If we count other forms of violence such as physical assault, the number goes further up. Any kind of abuse and assault leaves traumatic impact on a child.
  • 5   Gun Violence: Another cause of worry among children is gun violence. Though instances of gun violence are not yet drastically prevalent, the few there are, are enough to make many children fear school as a potentially dangerous place. Gun violence too leaves traumatic memories on those who witness it.

Martial Arts as a Real Solution
You can help your child to cope with these issues individually through different coping strategies; however there is only one technique that will equip them to cope with them all: that is martial arts. Martial arts training makes children confident, courageous and emotionally strong. This is the key to overcoming emotional challenges like parental divorce, dysfunctional families and traumatic incidents. Martial arts is also a great self-defense that teaches them to protect themselves on ground, by making them stronger in body, mind and character. This helps many kids to survive bullying, peer pressure and assault.

At a professionally qualified martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), your child can learn how to deal with the world through martial arts. For your child to have a safer, happier childhood, choose martial arts for them!

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