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Martial Arts for Kids – A Better Option than Team Sports - Ten Key Factors

Martial Arts for Kids – A Better Option than Team Sports - Ten Key Factors 

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Experts on child development have emphasized time and again that the holistic growth of children – the development of their body, mind and intellect – is dependent not just on classroom education, but also on outdoor activities. Parents whose children are interested in team sports often do not take this warning seriously, because team sports is widely believed to provide all the benefits a child needs from outside the classroom. However, it needs to be stated that martial arts, with its innumerable benefits for kids, is always a better option than team sports.

What Makes Martial Arts a Better Option than Team Sports
Here are ten key factors that makes martial arts a better activity for child development compared to team sports:
  1. Confidence: There is nothing like martial arts to make learners believe in themselves. It makes kids confident, assertive, vocal, and self-content.
  2. Self-Defense: Unlike team sports, martial arts help children to learn to defend himself/herself by making them stronger, brave and alert to their surroundings.
  3. Discipline: Martial arts make a student follow rules and respect their co-learners. Through repeatedly performing this, they learn to be disciplined in everyday lives.
  4.  Personal achievement: Very few team sports allow participants to feel a sense of personal achievement, as victories are always a collective effort. Martial arts allows learners to experience individual achievement without losing the ability to cooperate with others.
  5. Fitness and Health: Martial arts train kids in a wide range of moves such as kicks, punches, swift moves, stretches, crunches, dodges and much more. The health and fitness benefits it provides are broader in scope and efficiency than team sports.
  6. Universal Participation: Martial arts are never a boys’ affair or a girls’ affair. Everyone can participate in martial arts, whether they are boys or girls; preschoolers or teenagers. Unlike team sports which demand high levels of efficiency from every player, martial arts adapt to the need and capability of each learner.
  7. Family Time: While most martial arts offer classes for adults too, at unique martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), you can choose to join programs as a family, thus motivating and spending time with each other.
  8. Motivation and Recognition: In team sports, victories and defeats are unexpected. However martial arts, with the sequential belts-and-ranking system, helps learners to win accolades in a systematic progression, thus teaching them to stay committed to a goal despite defeats.
  9.  Benefits through the Year: If you consider team sports for physical benefits, the seasonal nature of many of them can cause inconsistent results. Martial arts can be practiced all year round with consistent result. It is always better to enroll in a school with regular practice, like Bruce McCorry’s Academy to stay steady and committed.
  10. Sports and Martial Arts can Go Together: If your kid already hooked to a team sports or athletics, you don’t have to choose one over the other. The greatest benefit of martial arts is that it aids performance in sports and athletics by shaping the learner’s body, making them stronger, sharpening reflexes and boosting energy. You can just choose both!

Choosing a professional martial art school with experienced and knowledgeable instructors is all you need to do to make martial arts work wonders in your life. Make the change today!

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