Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Year, New You - Bringing Out the Best with Martial Arts

New Year, New You - Bringing Out the Best with Martial Arts

The calendar has turned its last leaf, and 2019 is here, bringing with it the hopes and expectations that every New Year surely brings. Whether 2018 had been a good year for you or a terrible one, none of that is past can take away the charm of new beginnings. What matters the most to you must have made it to the top spots in your resolution list; however there are two things that is the foundation of every other dream and goal you plan for yourself: health and success. This New Year, be the New You—a healthy and successful you—with the magic of martial art that can bring out the best in everyone!

The Magic of Martial Arts: Health and Success Formula for a New You

Health and personal success are two foundational factors that will motivate you to pursue whatever other goals you have set for yourselves. Although it might feel that there are no shortcuts to success and health, martial arts is the living proof that there are actually effective paths which will take you there.

·         Martial Arts and Health: Among the wide range of martial arts, some are indebted to the legacy of centuries-old wisdom, some have imbibed the knowledge generated by modern research and experimentation, and some combine both. Whichever type of martial art you may choose to learn, they can help you keep an incredible health profile. Martial art can detox your body, improve your cardiovascular strength and metabolism, reduce stress levels, and burn the extra fat and calories. This mean lesser chances of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hyper/hypotension, thyroid and so on. It immensely helps those with muscular and bone-related conditions. Lesser stress and lesser fat naturally brings down the risk of emergencies like cardiac arrest and stroke. Being healthy in the martial art way shows in your body as well. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself flaunting a fit, toned and perfectly-shaped body without the kind of effort you put into workout—martial art can and does do that for you.

·         Professional and Personal Success: The wonder of martial arts is that it is not just a health-and-fitness formula, but also a success mantra—something that no workout can promise. You will find gradually improving your confidence and assertiveness through martial arts. It will toughen you up to the negativity in life; but paradoxically, it will help you to achieve the emotional stability and sensitivity that will make you brilliant at balancing home and work. You will find yourself imbibing qualities that improve your work and your relations: mutual respect, cooperation, spirit and energy. With your stress gone, confidence boosted, and home-work balance perfectly maintained, martial arts will naturally lead you to professional success and personal happiness.

In a good martial art school, you will find the guidance that can help you get health and success formula right. Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is a brilliant example of how a visionary management and a team of dedicated staff can bring in a lot of change to the life of actual learners, with all credit to martial arts. Wherever you are, never forget to check out the perfect martial art school nearby, that can bring out the New You this New Year!    

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