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Women’s Martial Art Classes at Bruce McCorry’s

Yes to Women Power! 
Women’s Martial Art Classes at Bruce McCorry’s

A year has just passed by, one which marked a milestone in the histories of women power across the world. 2018 saw women from various countries coming together under the hashtag, #MeToo that asserted women power and rebuked the pervading culture of violence against women.

However, despite the many efforts at ensuring women safety and gender equality, the recently released the end-of-the-year statistics continue to present a grim picture of the safety of women in the US. Shockingly, Huffington Post noted that 85% of all domestic abuse victims are women. Different reports suggested that the instances of violence that women have to face within their households and from their intimate partners are as damaging as the culture of rape and assault that await them outside their homes. According to, a lot of these instances of violence against women go unreported as well. These discouraging stats indicate that it is the need of the hour that women train in some sort of self-defense.

Safety is a Right: Women’s Martial Art Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Of the many self-defense options available, martial arts is an easy-to-learn and effective self-defense strategy that women can quickly master. Women’s martial art lessons offered by Bruce McCorry’s (Peabody, MA) is a typical illustration of how martial arts as a self-defense strategy has genuine advantages over regular self-defense techniques. Martial arts do not just teach women the moves with which they can resist an assault, but it prepares the learners mentally and physically to take care of themselves and defend themselves in an emergency.

As the testimonies of women learners at the Bruce McCorry’s women’s program indicate,
  •       Regular physical training and the teaching of hand-and-knee movements in martial arts focuses on making women physically stronger and thus capable of defending themselves in an instance of a physical assault.

  •       Martial art lessons for women make them sharper and alert to potential dangers. The skills of quick perception and reaction, which they will master through martial arts, come useful in evading a potential danger.

  •       In the instances of violence from partners or domestic abuse, often women are not confident or courageous enough to show resistance or make a decision. Women’s martial arts is therefore equally vested in making women confident and courageous.

  •       Martial arts can boost the self-esteem and self-worth of women learners. Believing in one’s worth as an individual, entitled to safe and dignified existence, is essential in coming out of toxic and abusive relations. Martial art instills this esteem in learners

  •       Martial arts is also a great aid for those who have gone through experiences of violence, abuse and assault in their lives. Martial art training is a great way to build values of courage, self-worth and emotional strength that will help women learners to overcome the psychological and emotional damage of past experiences of violence.

In the one-of-a-kind women’s martial art program, Bruce McCorry’s Academy provides you with a safe, secure space free of gendered biases or assumptions, where you can practice martial arts for self-defense. If you are a woman martial art learner, a mother, or the parent of a girl child, choose Bruce McCorry’s program and learn how to take charge and fight back!

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