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Super Cool Kids Martial Arts Programs at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Super Cool Kids Martial Arts Programs at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Parenting becomes fulfilling only when you know for sure that the choices you made for your kids were the right choices—something which you can know only with time. However, there is always something that you can surely pick for your kids knowing well that it is going to make a tremendous positive change—and that is martial arts! If you are ready to make that choice, the place to check out is Bruce McCorry’s Academy, the premier schools for learning martial arts in Peabody, MA, which has lots to offer for your young little champion.

Kids’ Programs at Bruce McCorry’s: The Perfect Choice
Based on their age, kids can be part of one of the three broad set of programs that Bruce McCorry’s Academy offers. Here is a glimpse of the super cool kids programs that the academy has to offer for the budding champions out there:
  1.         Little Ninjas: This amazing course is for the youngest kids, between 3 and 6 years of age. Being a preschool program, the course is a blend of simple, elementary martial arts that the little ones can easily learn, fun activities, games and many other attractive sessions. The program focuses on the overall physical, mental and social development of kids, laying the foundations of future success right in their formative years.
  2.         Junior Programs: Any child between 7 and 12 years of age can be a part of the junior program, catering to kids who have been both preschool learners, and to those who are starting anew with martial arts. There is a wide range of programs kids can pick from; however, the highlight of Bruce McCorry’s Academy is our Afterschool Martial Arts Program (AMP) aimed at schoolgoing children. Based on an acclaimed syllabus, the program packs a short session of refreshing physical activity and beneficial martial arts into the afterschool timeslot, doing the double benefit of keeping kids safe in the afterschool hours. A second great choice is the Summer Program, which is a seasonal course where kids can stay physically active, fit and healthy with martial arts during the long, idle months of the summer. Both the programs help to mold kids into successful and stable individuals who are healthy, fit, sensitive, confident, smart and kind.
  3.        Teen/Adult Programs: Although a broad set of programs catering for everyone above an age of 13, teenagers can get customized attention and can focus on specific goals while taking part in the programs in the Teen/Adult section. Given the way martial arts can reduce stress and provide stability, the teen programs help the young ones to find answers to health issues, body image concerns, lack of fitness, study stress, emotional turbulence, and other aspects of teenage through martial arts. In addition, all the kids programs at the academy also double as a powerful self-defense course.

Attention Parents, It is Time to Say Yes!
The broad set of programs offered by Bruce McCorry’s from children right in their preschool age to early teens is one of the best array of choices you can find. As responsible and well-wishing parents, this is your golden chance to give them that one gift which they will find beneficial throughout their lives. Say yes to Bruce McCorry’s martial arts for children today!

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