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Summer Martial Arts Programs at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Summer Martial Arts Programs at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

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Summer is that time of the year when everyone gets to take a break. However, not for you, if you have school-going children in your home. For the parents of school-going kids, summer is that time of the year to worry and fret: after all, this is the time when your children, who spend the bulk of the year curled up in front of school books, take to even more non-productive and dangerous activities. Some might be whiling away their time in front of the TV or one of the cool gadgets they have. Some others might have decided to stroll the streets with their friends without the supervision of adults. If you are a parent who shares these worries, this article tells you how to get rid of this summer paradox in a beneficial way.

Summer Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
            The perfect solution to your summer worries is the Summer Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy. The Summer Program, specially curated for kids, is an amazing blend of introductory martial arts, fun and educational field trips, sessions to learn arts and crafts, story reading time, enjoyable games and much more. The program will be the best choice you can make for your child for a number of reasons:
  • The martial art part of the program, which kids can easily master without exhausting themselves is beneficial in many ways. It will give children the necessary physical activity they need at least during the summer months. It will make them stronger, healthier, fit and smart. Martial arts will help them stay stress-free, energetic and mentally strong. Two months of martial arts during the vacation will totally rejuvenate their physical and mental life, thus preparing them for the school year ahead.
  • The fun and beneficial blend of the programs which are part of the Summer Program helps in character development. While the games, reading hours, field trips and arts and crafts sessions will make their vacation enjoyable and refreshing, it will also help them to learn new things, develop a view of the world, and engage in hands-on learning different from what they are familiar in the classroom.
  • The time they get to spend with same aged children will improve their social skills. They will learn values of cooperation, companionship, friendship and social courtesies. Above all, they will learn to develop manners and norms necessary in social situations.
  • The Summer Program is the safest way for your kids to spend their vacation, particularly if you are working parents, or are unable to supervise them during the holidays. The academy is the safest and the most comfortable place for children, where they will be under the protection of instructors who will keep them away from any sort of danger. Enrolling your child in the Summer Program will totally eliminate your summer worries.

A brief course in martial arts is exactly what your child needs to be physically rejuvenated, mentally refreshed and pick up the necessary study skills such as memory, hard work and perseverance before they embark on a new school year. When the Summer Program awaits your child, do not hesitate to say yes!

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