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Martial Arts to Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

Martial Arts to Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

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For a long time, popular culture has portrayed drug abuse as a particularly teen fad. Recent studies have officially shown that drug abuse is not a mere fad, but a real, life-threatening problem that needs to be termed drug use disorders. Although drug abuse or substance abuse is not an exclusively teenage concern, teen drug abuse needs to be treated as a particular issue within the larger context, demanding specific attention and solution.

Why Teenagers Crave Drugs: Causes and Consequences
Teenage is in every way an emotionally and psychologically vulnerable phase in a person’s life, with several factors making it a highly impressionable time. Teenagers get the first taste of freedom from parental supervision and controls imposed by them on law; at the same time, it is also a time where peer pressure and the need to fit in starts becoming paramount in life. All of this increases the chances of teens falling prey to drug abuse. If they have a past of depression, abuse, a history of poor control over impulses, dysfunctional families, a history of drug abuse in the family, the chances are higher that they yield to drug abuse. Drugs feel appealing, given that they provide escape, help teens to fit in, and offer a momentary respite from predominantly teen problems. What they fail to see is that drugs can also lead to problems that may impact their entire lives, and that life-threatening health problems are only one among them. Drug use can increase the risk of violence, abuse, unsafe sex, accidents, depression or even suicidal tendency. If not harnessed in time, it can engulf a person’s life.

Fighting Teen Drug Abuse: The Martial Art Model
While there can be many solutions for drug abuse ranging from medical help to rehabilitation programs, one of the most constructive and harmless ways to fight drug disorders in teenagers is to introduce them to martial art. Although it might sound incredible, the truth is that martial arts, being an amalgam of ancient wisdom and modern research, has much to offer a teenager, suffering from drug addiction.

The greatest brilliance of martial arts for teenagers is that it tries to channelize the teen energy in positive and constructive ways, soothing the mind of the learner. In professional martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), you can pair martial arts learning with cool and effective partner programs like energy healing. Martial art programs, with their reliance on an overarching philosophy of life, organizes a person’s energy system around positive causes. It redefines the learner’s life to the point that external factors like stress, peer pressure, the need to fit in, the impulse to be reckless and so on cease to matter, as the learner increasingly focuses on personal growth, self-actualization and a constructive affirmation of life. Martial arts fills your life with a feeling of wholeness, well-being and positivity to the extent that destructive hebavioral patterns like drug abuse start to feel inimical to one’s values. There is no better way to come out of an addiction loop than this feeling of self-realization and growth. If you are bound to fight teen drug abuse, fight it at the very root with the help of martial arts—that ultimate art of positive life and peaceful living.

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