Monday, January 13, 2020

Perfect Solution for those Afterschool Hours for Your Kids

Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program- Perfect Solution for those Afterschool Hours for Your Kids

There is an important question which every parent need to ask themselves: do you know how safe your children are in the afterschool hours when you cannot supervise them? As noted by the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center (NYVPRC), 90% of Americans feel that everyone should have access to afterschool care, but a large majority of parents, nearly a two-third of them, do not find it easy to find an appropriate program. The reality strikes us further when we see that 14 million kids spend their afterschool time unsupervised as they cannot afford or access afterschool care, according to the online magazine Family Education. It is high time we asked what this does to our kids.

The Afterschool Risk Factor: Dangers and Solutions
It goes without saying that afterschool hours seem to be the time that poses the greatest risk to the safety of children, whether they are teenagers or younger in age. NYVPRC noted how the chances of drug and alcohol abuse are 49% higher among children who are unsupervised in afterschool hours. Unsupervised teenagers face a 37% increased chance of ending up as teen parents. As similar data have shown, the risk of child abuse, violence against children and juvenile crimes tend to peak during afterschool hours. In the case of younger children who sometimes return to an unsupervised home in the afterschool hours instead of wandering on their own, the risk of accidents and hazards also tend to be higher in comparison.

The only stable solution to these afterschool dangers is afterschool care. The real question is of choosing the best and the most productive afterschool care possible. The well-known Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Arts Program is a top contender for that position if you are looking for a safe, productive and affordable afterschool care in and around Peabody, MA.

Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Arts Program Afterschool Program: The Best You Can Choose

Bruce McCorry’s AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM offers the best of what a martial art program can offer your child, including the lifelong possibility of good health, fitness, immunity, confidence, stress-relief and self-defense training. All of this does make Bruce McCorry’s AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM one of the most productive programs out there, but a lot of this is also because of the innovative approaches unique to Bruce McCorry’s.

With a nationally recognized syllabus, and a team of professionally qualified and experienced instructors who pay personal attention to each kid in the program, Bruce McCorry’s is where your child will get the best exposure to martial arts in a customized manner. It can make your child better at studies, athletic and rooted in social values. In addition, Bruce McCorry’s AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM is all about keeping your children safe and comfortable. The academy takes special care to ensure the safety of children and offers special facilities like free pickup from their school. Lessons take place under the supervision of trained adults, in risk-free circumstances. Above everything else, Bruce McCorry’s AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM is not just another afterschool martial arts program—it turns your child into a stronger and assertive individual who can defend himself or herself in the face of an emergency, thus ensuring the best of security and safety for life. Choose Bruce McCorry’s today and find the perfect solution for those afterschool hours.

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