Friday, January 31, 2014

Kickboxing for Women

Why Should Women Choose Kickboxing - Five Reasons 
written by: Sandra LaRosa

The times are gone when women always had to play second fiddle to men. The
twenty-first century woman is confident, assertive, ambitious and yes,
sporty. Women are making their mark in those areas of physical activity
which were reserved for men till yesterday. A few decades before, a woman
in a sports field, a martial arts stage or a boxing ring would have
astounded many people. However, the notions are changing nowadays. Today’s
woman is a champion in many a sport, and she shines in martial arts arenas.
Especially, martial arts like kickboxing are considered to be particularly
advantageous for women.

Women and Kickboxing – The Benefits
Kickboxing is a competent martial art that draws its movements from
cardiac workouts and boxing rings. When it comes to martial arts for women,
kickboxing is often hailed as a good choice. Why should women prefer
kickboxing? Here are five remarkable reasons.

1. Less fat, happy life: 
Kickboxing varieties like Cardio Kickboxing can shed your fat and boost
the working of your heart. The optimum level of fat that a human being
needs to retain in his/her body is called the set point. The kickboxing
workout can help you to keep your body fat level exactly at your set point
in a healthy way – no less, no more. 

2. Toned muscles: 
The specialty of kickboxing is that its focus falls evenly on every muscle
in your body. Women often complain that working out at a gym makes their
body muscular in an awkward way. Kickboxing tones your muscles in a
proportionate and even manner, maintaining your feminine beauty.

3. You can be your own protector: 
Kickboxing is one of the most efficient exercises out there, but this does
not belittle its amazing self-defense possibilities. Whether you are a
woman or a man, knowing a technique that can help you to be your own
rescuer is a precious advantage, period. 

4. No worrying, no hurrying: 
American Psychological Association notes in one of its surveys that 57% of
women read about ways to manage stress. Stress leads to an array of
consequential behaviors such as aggression, agitation, uncontrollable
anger, urgency in doing tasks and even depression. Cardio Kickboxing is the
perfect key to reduce stress and restore calmness to your life.

5. Confident is the new sexy: 
The society will value individuals only if they are sure of themselves.
This is the greatest gift that Kickboxing can hand you on a platter. Being
proficient in Kickboxing means that you will be confident, powerful and
above all, proud of yourselves. Isn’t that something everyone has longed
for, sometimes or other?

Kickboxing for Women at Bruce McCorry’s - Over 17 Years!
The kind of academy you choose is very important when it comes to martial
arts learning. The woman in you needs a coaching center that can bring out
the best in you – an academy that can change your life forever. You get
that golden chance nowhere other than Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial

Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s is an extraordinary experience. 
The Kickboxing program is always updating with fresh workouts at Bruce McCorry’s and headed by myself. The program also includes experienced teachers like Madame Christine and Madame Amanda. Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s can help you to bring out the power of woman that lies dormant in you. Why not give it a try?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fostering Respect - Karate Kids

Fostering Respect and Other Values in Kids through Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

Martial arts have become an immensely popular hobby for kids, thanks to
the Hollywood movies that paint a positive picture of them. However,
watching the Karate Kids on screen is one thing, choosing a martial art
course for your own kid is something different. Here is why you should
choose to make your children Karate Kids!

Martial Arts: Why Should I Choose One for My Child?
Experience and experts both testify that martial art is a wonderful way by
which kids can achieve a healthy body and a focused life. To list, some of
the benefits of martial arts for kids are:

· Fitness and health: Martial arts will keep your child healthy and fit.
It can curb diseases like type-2 diabetes and obesity that may affects

· Relaxation: After a stressful day of schoolwork, your child needs
something that will invigorate him/her. Let them engage in some useful
martial arts than waste away their time before television!

· Self-esteem: Many shy and introvert kids learn to assert themselves
through martial arts. Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Karate and similar martial arts
can actually make your kid feel confident before a crowd.

· Safety: You will protect your kid from all dangers when you are with
him/her. However, there may be times when your child needs help and you may
not be there to help him/her. Learning a self-defense like martial arts
will be useful at such a moment.

· Calmness: Parents often doubt whether martial arts will make their kids
violent. On the contrary, martial arts will make your child calm and
peaceful even at the face of pressure.

Learning Respect through Martial Arts
Kids often behave in a disrespectful way – sometimes, at occasions that
demand respect and discipline. This is a frequent problem faced by the
parents. A good martial art can foster values like respect, discipline and
obedience in your kid. How can this be possible?

The etiquette of martial art classes is one important factor. Every
martial art class starts with the teacher and the students mutually bowing.
From here onward, a child learns to respect and value others. In their
classes, they will watch their classmates and seniors waiting for the
commands of the masters and obeying them. This too instills the value of
respect in your kid.

Most martial arts have their origins in Eastern societies that are less
individualistic and more community-oriented. As a result, the philosophy of most martial arts gives importance to communal values like cooperation, respect and discipline. Once your kid learns a martial art, this philosophy becomes part of his/her life. Bruce McCorry’s Academy for Your Child’s Success 3-5 years is the apt age to start martial arts coaching. At the age of 3-5, kids would have enough muscle strength to execute martial arts movements without injuring themselves. In addition, the teachers can easily mold the character of a child if s/he is in such a tender age.

If you would like to see the desired results in your kid’s life, choosing
a consistent martial arts academy for him/her is inevitable. Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts, located in Peabody, MA is such a systematic institution that can guide your child through his/her goals. Bruce McCorry’s academy has lead thousands of kids to success in their work as well as in their life through martial arts. Add power to your children’s life by making them Karate Kids!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Martial Arts for Positive Single Parenting

Martial Arts and its role in Positive Single Parenting 
written by:Master McCorry

Ask any parent the most memorable moment of their life, their answer will
always be the same: the moment they became a father or a mother. The birth
of a child not only brings about a seao change in your life, but it also
places a huge responsibility on you. If this is the case of families with
both parents, just imagine the stress and challenges that a single parent
would have to undergo.

According to a recent report by the US Census Bureau, there are around 14
million single parents in USA and they raise 22 million kids. This means
that one out of every four kids is raised by a single parent. At least
until the age of thirteen, most kids are emotionally and mentally dependent
on their parents. If kids should achieve emotional stability and high
emotional quotient, they need parents who are emotionally stable and
self-sufficient. This is the greatest challenge faced by most single
parents as they themselves will be going through tough times - coping up
with separation, running a home and raising a kid all by themselves.

Martial Arts: A Panacea for Positive Single Parenting?
In such difficult conditions, the only way to ensure that your kids grow
up in a positive atmosphere is to engage them in something that will demand
their attention. A productive pastime like, say martial arts, will
fruitfully engage your child. It will divert their attention from the
lonely atmosphere of the home. Another added benefit is that your kids will
have a secure place to spend their after-school time until your work gets

Martial arts can make your child confident, self-respecting, contented and
happy. Kids who learn martial arts deal better with crucial life situations
and keep calm at the face of crisis. Martial arts will fill your child’s
life with positive vibes. Yes, martial arts is an actual cure – an
alternative for the lonely hours your child would spend at home, watching
television or playing computer games.

Martial Arts: The Magic Bullet for Your Kid’s Overall Development
Martial Arts is a mélange of various art forms. Studies have proven
that Martial Arts can make your kid physically fit, confident, disciplined and
emotionally stable. Martial Arts is all the more beneficial for your kid if you are
a single parent, because, Martial Arts is an art that can make children shed their
inhibition and break out of their shells.

 Martial Arts Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
The Martial Arts program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is a course with
a difference. This unique program is specially conceived to accommodate
learners belonging to any age.

Most martial arts centers ignore the possible safety risks of a full
contact martial art. However, Bruce McCorry’s is one of those rare
academies where all types of risky practices such as cage fighting are
deliberately avoided for the safety of the kids. In addition, the classes
are engaged by masters who have years of experience in Martial Arts.

Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s will transform your kid’s persona. It will equip
him/her to take on the world. Promise your kids a successful life by
choosing Bruce McCorry’s for them!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tai Chi Martial Arts by Bruce McCorry

Tai Chi Martial Arts by Bruce McCorry 
Written by: Master McCorry
Can there be a martial art without violent punching, kicking and fighting?
Tai Chi is one such art form. It proclaims that only peaceful, cadenced and
meditative movements can help you find your inner tranquility. Tai Chi is
popular because, more or less like yoga, it helps you to cope up with the
chaotic modern life.

Tai Chi – Origins, History and Philosophy
The birth of Tai Chi can be traced back to the China of 2500 years ago. It
is a descendant of the ancient medicinal philosophies and the art of
Qigong. Marvin Smalheiser, the renowned Tai Chi historian notes that Tai
Chi masters can defeat their opponents by concentrating their inner energy
in a powerful and subtle manner, which may not always be visible to the
spectator. Hence, able Tai Chi masters give the impression of attacking
their opponents without touching them. This astounding technique can be
attributed to what is known as Qi, roughly translated as the force of life.
According to Tai Chi philosophy, the human body is made of five elements,
which together creates Qi, the life essence. A balance between these
elements results in the unhindered flowing of Qi in our body. The ultimate
aim of Tai Chi is to achieve this balance.

Divisions of Tai Chi
One popular style of Tai Chi is the Wu Style. Wu is a subtler form of Tai Chi in which knees take up a straighter position. In the Yang mode, the learners use bent knees. Tai Chi Chih is another widely practiced style. All the three versions focus on graceful rhythmic movements instead of violent angular moves. Tai Chi – Benefits Tai Chi is said to infuse positive energy into our body and life. Modern case studies, meta-analyses and experiments support this view. Some of the most highlighted benefits of Tai Chi are: · Equilibrium and Balance: The floating movements and constant shifting of weight from one leg to the other increase body equilibrium and balance. · Self-Confidence: Tai Chi infuses self-confidence in the learners by making their body language graceful and boosting their self-worth. · Core Strength: Tai Chi improves one’s core strength by improving stamina, suppleness and muscular power. · Immunity: Tai Chi helps to prevent muscular diseases like muscle weakening and fibromyalgia. It also curbs lifestyle problems like cardiac diseases and blood pressure. · Soothing effect: Tai Chi does the good of a meditation by reducing stress and bringing you back to the stage of an elemental childish happiness and calm.

Getting Started with Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a simple enough art form to learn by yourself. You can self-instruct from video tapes or internet tutorials. However, it would be more sensible to learn Tai Chi in a proper scientific manner from an instructor, because instructors can point out your drawbacks and monitor your progress. Martial art centers like Bruce McCorry’s Academy conduct excellent instruction programs in Tai Chi. At Bruce McCorry’s, Tai Chi classes are conducted by experienced teachers like Master McCorry himself who has been into Tai Chi since 1978. The syllabus is specially designed and constantly updated to suit the needs of the students. The academy teaches Tai Chi along with its philosophy so that the students get the complete grasp of what they learn. Hundreds of learners flock to the academy every season because Tai Chi at Bruce McCorry’s will make you a changed person. Why not try it!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy 
written by: Master McCorry

Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is one of the most popular and respected Chinese martial arts, which attracts many learners every year. Though the style was developed quite unintentionally, today the Northern Praying Mantis style has transcended national boundaries. Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu: The Origins and History The credit of giving shape to this powerful martial art goes to Wong Lang, a 16th century monk from Shaolin Temple. 350 years ago, his efforts to improve his own fighting style resulted in the formation of this new martial art. It was named the Northern Praying Mantis style because the powerful movements were developed drawing inspiration from the insect praying mantis. Sheng Xiao Dao Ren, a travelling monk who visited the Shaolin Temple, was hooked by this crisp and quick style of Kung Fu. Through his travels, he spread it all over China. Many legends related to the origins have been attached to this much-fabled art form. When martial arts started being recognized for their health-related, emotional and defensive benefits, the Praying Mantis style emerged as one of the most popular martial art, practiced all over the world.

What is Northern Praying Mantis Style? The Northern Praying Mantis Style is an umbrella term under which many related styles come together. The most widely practiced form is the Seven Star Style. Plum Flower, Shiny Board, Long Fist, Chariot and Six Harmony Styles are other popular methods. In its purest sense, the Praying Mantis style adopts a number of fighting methods that are quick, whip-like and lashing. One distinctive attack method is the Mantis Hook, a special fist-finger formation that effectively delivers force. Other popular fighting methods include wrist, arm, knee and elbow punches. Some variants use foot punches as well.
The Benefits of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu The Northern Praying Mantis style, most often synonymous with the Seven Star Style, is a melange of soft and hard Kung Fu movements. One great advantage of Northern Praying Mantis Style is that people belonging to any age and gender would not find it difficult to learn it. Often dance-like and graceful, the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is not limited to only those who have a strong physique. A forceful martial art like this can keep you healthy and fit. This elegant art can rejuvenate you and revitalize you after an exhausting day. It can reduce stress and can help you to keep to your calmer and cooler self. It is also a handy self-defense to learn.
Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry’s Not all academies can instruct their students with the best of knowledge under the best teachers. Bruce McCorry’s Academy situated at Peabody, Massachusetts is one such rare martial arts center. The Kung Fu classes at the academy specialize in the Northern Praying Mantis Style. The classes are conducted under Master Bruce McCorry, one of the most experienced and respected Kung Fu veterans in the US itself. He is a practitioner of the art since 1982, and has the honor of having performed at the Shaolin Temple itself. The academy is also blessed with a tranquil and student-friendly campus.

If you want to experience Kung Fu with a difference, then your perfect choice is Bruce McCorry’s. Make your decision today!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cardio Kickboxing - Bruce McCorrys

Kick Your Way to Cutting Weight – Fitness Regime to Shed Fat through
written by: Sandra LaRosa

Until a few years ago, the name Kickboxing was not a very familiar one
among the health pundits. Thanks to the unbelievable weight loss
capabilities of this distinctive martial art, Kickboxing is the latest rage
among the fitness devotees. Kickboxing is a forceful but simple-to-learn
martial art. This art form is considered unique by health advocates and
martial art experts because it fusions three aspects: it is a powerful
workout, a healthy heart booster and a useful self-defense. If weight loss
and fitness is your ultimate aim, then it is time to kick-start a new life!
Melting Fat and Shedding Calories through Kickboxing The calorie-tracking site by the Harvard Medical School has some interesting data on the amazing fitness abilities of Kickboxing. According to their study, a person of 155 pounds body weight and normal health can shed up to 744 calories through an hour of kickboxing. The exceptionality of this becomes evident when we compare this to other workout methods:- · Walking – 245 calories per hour · Bicycling – 420 calories per hour · Jogging – 490 calories per hour This means that a mere 5 hours of Kickboxing can shed as much as one pound from your body. If you are choosing any of the other above-mentioned methods of weight loss, you will have to toil months in order to achieve this result. A Leaner You through Kickboxing: The Wonder Workout Regime However, Kickboxing can work wonders only if you stick to a proper regime. Here is the wonder-workout recipe than can make you leaner and fitter: · Kickboxing Practice + Nutritious Diet + Scientific Coaching In the initial phases of learning kickboxing, it is enough to practice for only an hour per week. The more you get acquainted with the workout; you can gradually increase your workout duration to 5 hours per week. At this rate, you shall be able to lose weight at the rate of 1 pound per week. You should pair this regular workout with a nutrient-rich diet that includes a lot of vegetables, fruits, fiber-rich food and proteins. Intense workout may cause fatigue, therefore, you may replenish your lost energy through drinking enough water and taking vitamin supplements if necessary. At any rate, you should watch your daily calorie consumption and ensure to keep it within your basil metabolic rate.
Kicking Your Way to Fitness through Bruce McCorry’s The third miracle element in your wonder workout is a proper and scientific martial arts coaching. Nowadays, you will rarely find a dedicated martial arts center that will value your health concerns above their profit. That is why the name of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center [Peabody, MA] stands out.
Bruce McCorry’s conducts classes in Cardio Kickboxing, the most effective variant of Kickboxing. Cardio Kickboxing has the double benefit of boosting your cardiac wellbeing and keeping your heart healthy besides helping you to lose weight. The head and heart of the Kickboxing program is Ms. Sandra LaRosa, who has an experience of 26 years in Kickboxing. Christine Arsenault is another veteran Kickboxing teacher at the academy. The kickboxing classes at the academy are specially designed for achieving fitness goals. No wonder, Bruce McCorry’s has risen to the position of the numero uno martial arts schools in the US. Make your weight loss dream come true through Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Taekwondo Peabody Ma

Taekwondo – The Easiest and Quickest Method to Lose Weight 
Written by: Master McCorry

According to the New Year Resolutions Statistics survey conducted by the
University of Scranton’s Clinical Psychology Journal, the largest percentage of people made the resolution to lose weight in 2014. The newest studies by scientists maintain that one of the easiest and quickest ways to lose weight is martial arts. Among the different martial arts, the miraculous ability of Taekwondo to burn off calories is considered unique.

The Miracle Art: Shed Pounds through Taekwondo
Experts opine that a single hour of Taekwondo practice can burn off as much as 730 calories. In the case of a person with average size and weight, 3500 calories has to be burned off in order to shed one pound of weight. This means that just five hours of Taekwondo can make you lose one pound of weight. When we compare this statistic with the weight loss data of other workouts and diets, we can see that there aren't too many weight loss techniques that can make you burn off such a huge amount of calories within such a short time. This is what makes Taekwondo a miracle art.
The Magic Formula: Losing Weight in as Little as an Hour The specialty of Taekwondo is that its ability to shed weight lies in burning off calories. Therefore, consuming junk food can easily ruin your entire weight loss plan. To arrive at a successful and balanced weight loss pattern, it is necessary to couple a healthy diet with Taekwondo practice. The magic formula to lose weight blends a proper diet with Taekwondo. For the formula to work, your daily intake of calories should be in within your basil metabolic rate. You can develop a healthy eating habit consisting of protein-rich food, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products and grains, or vegetarian and vegan diets. The magic of Taekwondo works best coupled with these diet lifestyles.

You may begin by practicing Taekwondo on a regular cycle. A preferable
schedule can include hour-long Taekwondo sessions four to five times a week. In this way, you can effectively shed weight each week. If you are not aiming for intense weight loss, cutting down the Taekwondo practice per week shall be enough. Within two months, the pace of your weight loss will speed up. A consistent practice schedule like this can make your body sleek and your muscles toned. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will keep your body hydrated and healthy despite the weight loss.

Consistent and Scientific Taekwondo Classes at Bruce McCorry’s
The only way to ensure that you get regular and uninterrupted Taekwondo sessions is to enroll yourself in a martial arts academy, or to take personal Taekwondo lessons. A martial arts center is a better choice. At an academy, you will have the double benefit of meeting like-minded persons, competing with them, and improving your own skills.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, Peabody MA provides the best martial
arts coaching in the United States. The academy is specially known for its
efficient and professional Taekwondo classes. For the past 40 years, the
academy has made path-breaking contributions to the field of martial arts.
The Taekwondo classes at the academy are handled by veterans like Master
Bruce McCorry, Ms. Sandra LaRosa and other staff masters. Taekwondo at
Bruce McCorry’s will help you to fulfill your dream of achieving a perfect
body and perfect health – achieve your ideal through Bruce McCorry’s!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Martial Arts for the Golden Age

Martial Arts for the Golden Age - Seniors Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's 
written by: Master McCorry

Advertisements, movies and other manifestations of the pop culture have implanted in our minds the view that martial arts is for youngsters. However, 2010s is an age when the first ever health-conscious generation of our times is nearing the senior age. It is generally believed that the golden old age is not for martial arts and fitness. Is martial art a no-no for the seniors? Or is it that the seniors have a greater need of martial arts? Martial Arts in the Golden Age: Advantages and Necessities According to Dalhousie University, Halifax, the visible effects of ageing such as weak muscles, thin bones and joint aches appear in a person’s body from thirty years onward. Ironically, these are also the symptoms of a passive lifestyle. Therefore, an inactive lifestyle in the old age means that you are doubling the chances of health risk.
Among the different workouts, martial arts is considered the most special for the golden age. Why exactly are martial arts recommended to seniors? · Balance and coordination: After the age of sixty, health problems related to balance and coordination start upsetting you. Seniors face greater chances of tripping over and falling because their balance-coordination systems often fail them. The swift movements in martial arts can help you to retain your balance and coordination. · Core strength: Once near the senior age, a person naturally feels less strong. They may find it difficult to carry heavy weight, to climb stairs, to walk longer distances and to do exhausting physical activities. Martial arts can help you redeem the lost strength and rejuvenate yourself. · Self-confidence: A study conducted by the psychologist Dr Ulrich Orth points out that an erosion of self-esteem sets in at the time of retirement and continues during the old age. Loss of physical strength, retirement, separation from children, the feeling of being dependent can all be reasons for this. Martial arts can enhance your self esteem in the old age by exposing you to a world of activity and bustle. · Health and diseases: Behavioral risk factors like inactivity and junk food consumption have contributed to numerous lifestyle-linked diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid and consequent cardiac problems. Martial arts can effectively protect you from such diseases which can be deadly in the long run.
· Self-defense and safety: Martial arts can also be a useful weapon in a time of emergency. It is a practical self-defense method that won’t let you down when a crisis occurs. Martial Arts for Elders: The Golden Chance at Bruce McCorry’s Reliability and trust is a necessity for any coaching center, and that is why so many seniors love to choose Bruce McCorry’s Academy as their martial arts center. Dating back to 1978, the academy has brought happiness and health to the lives of numerous students. Though initially started as a small venture in Peabody, MA, the fame of the academy has now breached distances. Today, Bruce McCorry’s is the first choice when you think of martial arts in in Massachusetts.
All the adult programs of the academy are open to seniors. Private training is also available. You can choose from over ten different courses including Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung-Fu and Yoga. Seniors can get personalized programs aimed at improving their health and quality of life. Make your Golden Age the liveliest time of your life by enrolling at Bruce McCorry’s!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New You - The Martial Arts Way

New Year, New You - The Martial Arts Way 
written by: Master McCorry 
Yet another year has passed by, and 2014 has arrived with new hopes and
new promises. This is the time of resolutions and new beginnings. What about thinking out of the box and doing something that would be both challenging and rewarding? Martial arts are for those of you who like to experience new vistas and accomplish something with their lives. Why Choose Martial Arts? – The Benefits Sports and Fitness Industrial Association points out that 5,037,000 people chose to learn martial in United States in 2012. This baffling number shows the spreading awareness of martial arts. Modern medical science views martial arts as a natural method to lose weight, to stay fit and to reduce stress.
Martial Arts burn away the excess fat in your body and tone your muscles. It makes you fit and strong in less time than any other workout. Martial Arts also reduces the chances of you to fall prey to lifestyle diseases. Doctors have now started advising patients with obesity to take part in martial arts. Along with providing enough physical exercise, such courses can help them to cope up with the emotional after effects as well.

Patients with lifestyle diseases often feel depressed, isolated and
unhappy. Martial arts can give them the courage to ward off their unhappy thoughts and fill their minds with positive energy. From small kids to seniors, everyone has their own reasons to be stressed and unhappy nowadays – bullying, schoolwork, responsibilities at office, retirement, loss of loved ones – anything can be a reason. Modern science has discovered the ultimate possibility that martial arts can reduce stress.
Martial arts can also make you assertive and self-confident. It is virtually impossible to live in today’s world without being confident and bold. Martial arts can give you the courage to face the society, speak boldly and assert yourself. Through martial arts, you are learning a self-defense that will protect you forever. When you learn a martial arts, its philosophy influences you and your perspective changes. Even shy and introverted persons have discovered their true bolder selves through martial arts. Choosing the Best - Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts The greatness of martial arts is that when you choose a special course, it makes you special. Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is what you will call a unique martial arts center, because it is special.
Since 1978, Bruce McCorry’s had been in the forefront of martial arts teaching in Peabody, MA. Over the past 35 years, the glory of the academy has transcended boundaries. Nowadays, Bruce McCorry’s is the unanimous choice of Americans when it comes to martial arts. From preschoolers to seniors, Bruce McCorry’s has a specialized program for everyone. Little Ninjas is a scheme for preschoolers. Afterschool Programs and the Summer Programs are designed for school-going kids. Bruce McCorry’s even has a special program for kids with special needs. Adults also can choose from a variety of courses including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, MMA, XMA, Taekwondo and Kickboxing.

Through Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts, you can realize your ideal dream to
be healthy, fit and happy. The expert coaching at the academy can make your life stress-free and less complicated. Bruce McCorry’s has led millions of students through the path of self-discovery and happiness. Make this New Year auspicious by giving yourself this special gift!