Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kids Martial Arts After School Program & Summer Workshops

Kids Martial Arts at the Perfect After School Program & Summer Workshops at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 
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Perhaps you might not have yet imagined your child as a martial art learner. But a number of reasons will tell you that it is the best possible way to imagine your little champion's present and future. That is because martial arts have the wonderful strength to touch all aspects of their lives and leave a positive mark. Scroll on to read how martial arts for kids can transform your child's life!

The Seven Success Formula: Children's Martial Arts at its Best
Martial arts is scientifically proven to influence and improve seven aspects of a child's life: this includes the physical, mental, emotional, athletic, academic, social and spiritual dimensions. Together, an improvement of these aspects are a prerequisite for his/her holistic development.

1. Martial Arts for the Physical: Martial arts training can redefine your child's physical profile by making them stronger, strengthening their coordination, by making them healthy and immune. Regular and active martial art training is the key to this.

2. Martial Arts for the Mind: Learning martial arts can reduce stress, calm down mental processes, improve thinking skills, instil confidence and make children smarter. Precise and soothing combination of training and meditation does this for them.
3. Martial Arts and Emotions: Children who are martial art learners become emotionally strong. They survive peer pressure and bullying, they make good friends, they cherish familiar bonds and make trustworthy partners in future. The basics of respect, companionship and compromise is taught to them by the ethics of martial arts.
4. Sports and Martial Arts: Martial arts can give your kid a sleek body, coordinated senses, an athletic disposition and inexhaustible energy. These are to be your child's assets in their passion for sports and athletics.
5. Academic Brilliance and Martial Arts: Martial arts try to improve thought process, rational thinking, analytical power and comprehension. This is the impact of martial art training on brain and human senses and is useful in academics.
6. Martial Arts for Social Skills: Man is a social being, but interpersonal skills are not every kid's cup of tea. A vibrant and interactive martial art class is your child's initiation to interpersonal relationships, courtesies, companionship and socially respectable behavior.
7. Spiritual Facet of Martial Arts: This does not necessarily mean religion. Martial arts and healing techniques can make children find their inner peace and it reconnects mind with human body. In these senses, it is spiritual as well.

After School Martial Arts and Summer Workshops for Kids: Hurry Up!
The children's martial arts programs at Bruce McCorry's Academy are holistically designed to improve all the seven aspects of a child's development. It can also identify your child's strength or weakness in any of these and give them special care.

Bruce McCorry's has a long-standing after school program for kids, which gives them confidence, companionship, self-defense and happiness. The after school programs at the academy are a fun blend of education, enjoyment and relaxation. This summer, the academy is organizing vibrant summer workshops for children who want to make the best of their holidays by relishing the joy and power of martial arts. This is your kid's opportunity to try out the seven success formula. 
Admissions are OPEN NOW: HURRY UP Seats are limited!
  Call Today: 978-535-7878  

Friday, April 15, 2016

National Autism Month: A Martial Arts Focus

April, the National Autism Month: A Martial Arts Focus 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

April is nationally dedicated as the month of autism awareness. When we dedicate a month for the kids born in the autistic spectrum, it means a huge change has come about in the health profile of the nation and in our perceptions of it. 

Health profile is definitely changing, since there is a general increase in the number of autism diagnosis. Our perceptions are also changing, because autism is more widely recognized now, it is diagnosed and cared for, the approach towards people in the spectrum has become more positive and inclusive. Today we are aware that those who are born autistic have several potentials, and can lead quality lives to a great extent. Martial arts is one of those assistance's that can help autistic children to nourish their full potential and lead better lives.

Martial Arts and Autism: A Way Forward
What martial artists have been trying to say for a long time is now being proved by studies and clinical research. 

The following instances are examples:

* University of Wisconsin proved in 2010 that autistic children can gain a lot from martial arts – it helps them to socialize better, to be physically coordinated, and to have improved self-confidence.

* Martial art lessons are shown to provide spaces where children are asked to interact with instructors, talk with friends, pair with partners, and work as a team with students. Though these are more difficult for autistic children, special care will naturally improve their social skills.

* University of Isfahan brought out the path-breaking finding that martial arts can actually reduce obsessive and repetitive actions in the children of autistic spectrum. Martial arts involves a lot of self-control and self-disciplining. The reduction in stereotypical behavior could also be because of the fact that martial arts give the children with special needs a vent to exhaust their excess energy.

* As several studies noted, martial art training considerably improves the motor skills and motor coordination among autistic kids
* Perhaps, what autistic children can benefit the most from is self-esteem. Martial arts show them whom they really are: talented children with great potential in a number of aspects. Coupled with developed physical strength, martial arts give them confidence. This will help them to stand up to bullying and hazing which are usual classroom concerns faced by these children.

Choosing Special Needs Martial Arts for Your Child
Given all the merits of martial arts, it is extremely important to choose a genuine and reliable martial art school for your child. Make sure that the instructors and helpers are trained to care for children in the autistic spectrum. You should also ensure that the institution keeps mandates of safety.

The special needs program at Bruce McCorry's Academy is an example of how an ideal special needs martial art program should be. It opens up a space where children can socialize with and learn from their peers and trained instructors in a safe and happy atmosphere which they will love. Bruce McCorry's also provides special care which would help you to identify your child's specific talents, strengths and weaknesses and how to care for these. With Bruce McCorry's Academy, this April can perhaps make a change in your child's life. Call  today for more information, 978. 535.7878

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Martial Arts and Parenthood

Martial Arts and Parenthood: It’s Time to Begin the Journey
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Parenthood is not just a state of being, it is a responsibility and a tryst with future. It is your way of saying to the world that this is the best I can offer to the world: your children are indeed whom you leave behind in this world. To fulfill this responsibility to the best, what you need perhaps is a journey through the world of martial arts.

Top 5 Reasons for being a Martial Arts Parent
Martial arts is one unique gift that you can pass on to your children, a chain that may last long down the generation lines. It’s the best thing you can do for your kids, because of the following reasons:

1. To Teach Them to Stand Up
Our children no more live in a world where their childhoods are an eternal bliss of freedom from stress. They might be being bullied, they might be forced to do what they don’t want to be doing, because of peer pressure. It is up to you to be his/her tutor, to teach them to stand up for themselves, defend themselves and never lose their dignity. Through martial arts, you will be equipped to do that as a parent.

2. Defending the Family
Being a parent means that beyond self-defense, you also might be asked to stand up for your family at times. Whether you are a mother or a father, situations might arise when you need to deal with antisocial people or circumstances. Learning martial arts can help you to defend your children and stand up for them when the time comes.

3. Being the Healthy and Emotionally-Balanced Parent
For mothers, there is the mild martial arts training and meditation that you can practice during your months of pregnancy, under the advice of a doctor. From the moment of being a parent, being a healthy and emotionally strong mother or father is inevitable for your child to get the best of your care and time. Martial arts can keep you refreshed, healthy and emotionally poised.

4. Be Fit, Be their Hero
Being a fit and healthy parent can win the heart of your children in more than one way. It helps you to be a part of their games and their fun, it also helps you to take part in their energy and their liveliness. Further, a fit parent is a model for the child to be fit and healthy when they grow up. Remember, you are their superhero and superwoman.

5. Martial Arts: the Bond with your Child
When you and your child learn martial arts together, it binds you in ways which no other sport can do. It is not just the time you spend with him/her that matters, but also the values you instill in them, the fun you have with them, and the moments of togetherness and care.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts: For the Parents and the Kids
Bruce McCorry’s Academy is one of those few institutions in martial arts where you can be a part of family martial arts – where children and parents can learn martial arts together. We have trained instructors for children and adults, and also different adult and children programs for those who want it. Bruce McCorry’s is the place where you can have the best time with your child and learn martial arts for being a better parent. Be here today!  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Martial Arts, Self-Defense and the Mind

Martial Arts: The True Mental Value and Bruce McCorry's Training 

Self-defense is often defined as the physical defense of one's body. This is ironic, because the human self is not just a matter of human body – it connotes our identity, self-esteem, space, privacy – in other words, self is as much mental as it is physical. True self defense, therefore, should be redefined for its mental and physical values.

Self Defense and the Mind: How the Body Leads to Mental Well-Being
How do training methods like martial arts, which apparently look like physical training, can ensure mental well-being of learners? In the case of martial arts, partly the answer is that it is the only self-defense that departs from a purely physical training to the meditative values of self-defense. But that apart, Gavin de Becker, in his work The Gift of Fear, argues that physical training for self-defense can have a direct mental impact as well. In other words, martial arts is that self-defense training which ensures your well-being through both physical and meditative methods.

Martial Arts, Self-Defense and the Mind
How can martial arts conjoin self-defense to human mind? Here are some aspects:

1. Strike the Balance between Body and Mind: Do you really like to do something, but your body refuses to follow? Do you hate your body for not being the mental ideal of a human body? If the answer is affirmative, you need to strike the right balance between body and mind, and martial arts can teach you that.

2. Self-Confidence and Self-Worth: Self-worth is a positive self-esteem, which tells you that you are worth something. It spills out in the form of self-confidence. By teaching you how to be the master of your body and the space it occupies, martial arts teach you self-worth and confidence.

3. Reclaiming your Space and Voice: The space you occupy, including your privacy, is a major element of your mental well-being. So are your own opinions, your right to say no to something. When these are impinged upon, the first shock falls on mind. Martial art helps you to be in control of yourselves in both these.

4. Mastery over Emotions: Relations have taken a backlash in an age which does not know how to be composed emotionally. Martial arts can tell you how to be emotionally balanced in relationships with your partner, family, friends and the society. Martial arts do this by inculcating values like courtesy, respect, nurture and care.

5. Eliminate the Structures of Power: Domination, whether physical or mental, begins from a fundamental inequality in the power possessed by two individuals. This may be anything, from an attempt to crush someone's opinions to physically assault a person. Martial arts give you the physical strength and the emotional poise to be in control of your mind and body.

The Mental Worth of Self-Defense: Bruce McCorry's Academy
Bruce McCorry's Academy of Martial Arts gives you programs that allow you to recover that lost oneness between your body and mind. Our programs in Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Taekwondo are based on the unique training-meditation formula that helps you to be the master of your mental well-being. Be a part of Bruce McCorry's and join the legacy of confident and happy learners who discovered the mental potential of martial arts at the academy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Healing Qigong - Energy Healing

Healing Qigong - Energy Healing 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Qigong is an inclusive martial art that has wide varieties of modes of practice all over the world. The Chinese origin of this grand martial art family has the rich histories of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism to boast of. Qigong is perhaps the most familiar to world audience through its popular variant, Tai Chi. Since 1990s, the entire Qigong family, including Tai Chi, had been in spotlight because doctors have started unearthing the inordinate medicinal and health benefits of these arts.

Qigong Cures: Is it an Answer to 20th Century Medicine?
Since the qigong martial arts began to be widely practiced around the world, they have inspired the clinical research interest. The past two decades have shown how Qigong has amazing possibilities for clinical puzzles that are worrying scientific medicine.

1. Qigong and Orthopedics: Many research conducted in Tai Chi found out that the Qigong martial arts could combat the problems related to bone density. It helps patients suffering from bone-related concerns such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. This is important, because a large majority of women past their fifties are diagnosed with these.

2. Qigong and the Brain: Another breakthrough happened when the qigong was shown to help patients diagnosed with Parkinsonism. The moves and alternate healing techniques associated with qigong arts like Tai Chi was found helpful in a number of Parkinson’s disease symptoms such as tremor and muscle clenches.

3. Qigong and Cancer Healing: Cancer research has opened up some of the most puzzling questions for modern medicine. The possibility of qigong being an alternate cure is being explored for a while now. In primary research, practicing qigong arts mildly was found to be useful in combating fatigue, mood swings, stress, and physical weakness in cancer patients.

The New Vistas of Energy Healing and Possibilities for Qigong
For a long time, alternate healing practices including martial arts like qigong were believed to help patients only at an indirect level, by motivating them and strengthening their body. However, the last two years have rewritten the dimensions of energy healing by raising the possibility that they can actually bring about physical changes in human body at a cellular level. If this is true for energy healing programs like meditation and yoga, the possibilities it offers for martial arts are no less.

Healing Qigong and Energy Healing at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Academy in Massachusetts is probably the only martial art institute to offer parallel programs in qigong arts like Tai Chi and consultancy in energy healing. Modern research is already thinking about the possibilities of combining martial arts and energy healing. The combination programs at Bruce McCorry’s are inspired by this new turn, and motivated by the desire to bring the best of martial art healing to the learners.

The results, so far, have been exciting and encouraging. The energy healing program and the tai chi lessons at Bruce McCorry’s academy, instructed by Master McCorry himself, have already helped many learners who needed the support of an alternative cure for their personal health profile. The academy is today a hub of encouraging co-learners whose support and companionship has worked wonders for learners with chronic illness. 

If you are in search of an alternate healing , the unique combo of qigong and energy healing is for you. Just as learners suffering from illnesses have benefited from it, it is also for all of us who are in daily battle with stress, fatigue and strain. You too can be a part of the experience. Only at

Friday, April 1, 2016

Dyslexia and Martial Arts

Dyslexia and Martial Arts 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Two years before, the world looked on with wonder at a young martial art genius who had won the world martial arts championship five times. Scott Sonnon became the overnight hero not just because of his spectacular achievements in martial arts, which is definitely laudable, but also because he chose to tell the world his relentless battle with dyslexia and its social reception and his martial arts journey.

Dyslexic Children: Social Perceptions and the Reality
Sonnon’s amazing success story speaks a lot about the courage and resolution of a determined youngster. However, it also gives us new insight into how the oft-repeated status of martial arts as a companion for children with special needs is not a myth after all.

The past decade has shown a sharp rise in the reported instances of children being diagnosed in the autistic spectrum. Dyslexia is one of the most frequently diagnosed situations. While dyslexia is more a situation that demands a different mode of learning experience for the child, dyslexic children can definitely progress in a usual classroom if the instructor gives him/her with the proper learning atmosphere and some care. However, the problems faced by them in the social sphere such as bullying, neglect and impatience can have severe impact of their confidence level and progress. On the other hand, the example of Sonnon and the studies on dyslexia show that the neurological wiring of these kids can have wonderful possibilities of genius. 

This whole question of the autistic spectrum has also inspired a lot of research, especially with regard to martial arts. A milestone would be the 2010 statement by Wisconsin University that martial arts can reverse the negative societal impact on children with special needs, including dyslexia.

Unleashing the Genius: The Martial Arts Way for Dyslexic Children
Martial arts has a lot to offer for children with special needs, especially dyslexic kids. Particularly in the case of an early diagnosis of dyslexia, martial arts can bring about a huge difference.

Martial art training in the formative years directly impacts the cognitive development of children. It works differently for different children. However, in general, martial arts like Karate help children with special needs to overcome the challenges to their cognition and learning to a large extent.

Martial arts also can help a lot with the social issues faced by the kids. It can instill courage in children and tell them that their special needs are not their inferiority. As Sonnon’s words prove again and again, it can teach them to stand up for themselves and their dyslexic friends, socialize better, and tell the world that their full potential is no way limited by their special needs.

Martial Arts for Special Needs and Dyslexia: Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Martial art offers the best to you when you are in a learning atmosphere that knows your situation best and caters to you according to that. The special needs program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is such a unique space, where your child get instructors who are trained in the neurology of children with special needs. Instructors at the special needs program try to get to know each learner – adults or children. The martial arts learning atmosphere provided by the special needs program caters to your custom needs and becomes your companion in your larger journey in the outside world. This can be the right place for your young champion.