Friday, January 27, 2017

After School Martial Arts with Bruce McCorry’s

After School Martial Arts with Bruce McCorry’s – Secure, Safe and Successful 

If you are the parent of a school-going child, you will agree that the three words – safe, secure and successful – pretty much sum up what you want your kids to be during their crucial school years. You want them to remain safe from external threats like accidents, violence, bullying and peer pressure. You want them to remain secure and unfazed when faced by fears and challenges. And you want them to be successful in their field of talent. What you don’t know is that there is a single formula to keep your child safe, secure and lead them to success. That is after school martial arts.

Safety, Security and Success: Bruce McCorry’s After School Martial Arts 

Numerous studies have proved the benefits of martial arts over and over. Recently more emphasis is being placed on the benefits of learning martial arts in the afterschool hours. One of the most brilliant after school martial art programs in Massachusetts, the Bruce McCorry’s After School Martial Art Program (AMP) is a testimony to how after school martial arts can transform your child’s life forever.

Success, Unplugged: The success formula for academic and extra-curricular excellence depend on the health, energy level and the physical/mental abilities of children. Through regularized martial arts training and fun activities, Bruce McCorry’s AMP lets your kids to imbibe a number of benefits that will be the foundation of academic and extra-curricular brilliance. Health, immunity, inexhaustible energy and strength are some of them. A refreshing martial art lesson in the afterschool hour boosts memory, invigorates the brain and hones the ability to think. Bruce McCorry’s AMP is for those who seek success is academics, athletics, sports or arts. 

Safety Like Home: According to Afterschool Alliance, the afterschool gap – around 25 unsupervised after school hours that a child spends in a week - are potentially the most dangerous for him/her. Fight Crime, Invest in Kids program states that road crashes, crimes, alcohol, smoking and drug abuse mostly happen in the after school hours. The chances for the home-alones to be victims of accidents are as high as the instances of street violence. As a meritorious afterschool program, the Bruce McCorry’s AMP offers a constructive and safe alternative where children can spend their afterschool hours in a supervised comfortable space. The AMP teaches them the basics of self-defense that will keep them safe even when they are out of their zones of safety like home or school.

Being Secure – Today and Tomorrow: Being secure is not just about being safe from external threats. It is also about feeling unthreatened in the face of failures, challenges and fears. The advantage of Bruce McCorry’s martial arts over any other after school courses is that it hones not just the physical strength or the mental sharpness of your child: it makes him/her emotionally secure and mature. At Bruce McCorry’s, kids learn to tap their own individual strengths and embrace the drawbacks. Through this they learn to master all insecurities from classroom threats like bullying and peer pressure to serious crises later in life.

With a carefully structured syllabus of national recognition, adept instructors, a homey and safe campus and some amazing offers, Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Program is your child’s sure path to success, safety and security. 

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We also offer Transportation from the school to the Academy.

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