Saturday, February 18, 2017

Say No to Bullying with Martial Arts!

 Say No to Bullying with Martial Arts!
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Educational experts have repeatedly tried to show us the nasty side of bullying, but still there are adults - at least some of them - who turn a blind eye on bullying and dismiss it as a problem of childhood. But, if we grasp the damage it can do and has already done, no one can be indifferent to bullying. Recently, a survey by ABC news pointed out that 16 million children bunk school for the fear of bullying, a whopping number for any of us to ignore it at all.

Why it should be Stopped: Saying No to Bullying
Though it might not be visible to parents or teachers, no classroom is free of bullying. Even if children might not confess it, it is extremely important to find out and stop bullying at once. It is today pointed out by psychologists and researchers that:

  • Bullying can lead consequences like physical assault, depression and even suicide
  • It is at once harmful to the victim and the bully and can cause long-lasting impact on both such as antisocial behavior, inability to sustain healthy relationships and social apathy.
  • Even those who witness bullying can develop skeptical and negative view of life
  • Since whatever makes the victim stand out - body nature, sexual orientation or behavioral pattern - is often dragged into bullying, victims might live their whole lives with a self-effacing notion of himself/herself.
  • The major site of bullying these days is online, where the anonymity of the bully could be easily kept and where slander could spread easily to more people. This means the damage done by cyber bullying is often irreversible.

Martial Arts: A Single Solution to Fight Bullying
There might be therapies, counselling and help groups that promise to help the victims. But all of these measures talk about bringing the victim back to life once the damage has been done. Sadly, often this is too late. Martial arts is the only one solution that promises a different solution.

Martial arts is the only remedy that helps both who turn out to be bullies and those who become victims of bullying. Often, bullies are born because of insecure family circumstances, narrow tolerance toward differences or because of an inherent desire to dominate others. Martial arts is a perfect way potential bullies can burn off their frustration, excess energy and the desire to overpower others. Martial arts make potential bullies calmer, broadminded and tolerant individuals who do not feel the need to intimidate others. This means the more children learn martial arts, more the chance that bullying will be prevented.

This is nothing compared to how martial arts help the victims. Martial arts instills courage, self-confidence and assertive nature in potential and actual victims of bullying. Kids who learn martial arts have a greater chance of standing up for themselves or their friends when bullied. It is one way of preventing the damage that could be caused by bullying. In case of those who already have been victimized, martial arts can help them to take the shame not too seriously or lose their strength in the face of challenge. 

As adults, the best you can do to root out bullying from the schools in your neighborhood is to direct your kids and others to learn martial arts. Empowering and positive martial art lessons from quality institutions like Bruce McCorry’s Academy can save the lives and the future of many children.

                     Save your Child today by saying 
                NO TO BULLYING with Martial Arts NOW!

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