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Coping with Anxiety and Violence - Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

Coping with Anxiety and Violence - Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

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A glance through the newsfeeds in the morning will tell us that we are living in a time marked by violence. If we look at the available statistics, though violent crimes showed a moderate decline from 2016 to 2017, still, US reported roughly 1.25 billion of such crimes in the last year alone - quite an alarming number when we consider that only the most aggravated crimes, such as murder, rape and assault, are counted as violent crimes in state’s parlance.

In spite of the freedoms that we talk about, our everyday lives are definitely marked by the anxiety induced by the culture of violence. To give concrete examples, Teen Vogue reported in 2018 that the recurring instances of gun violence are inducing anxiety and post-traumatic stress among a large number of teens in the US. Self.com noted in the same year how domestic violence is a major cause for anxiety, stress and PTSD among women. Living in the age of violence-caused anxiety calls for coping strategies which will empower and heal us at the same time.

Martial Arts to Cope with Anxiety and Stress
Living in these times means that as individuals, we will have to devise strategies of dealing with our own personal worries, and of fighting back in a moment of emergency. Martial arts is probably a good answer to this dilemma. As most people see it, martial art is not just about self-defense or fitness – it is in fact the only solution that will enable us physically and mentally to deal with the violence around us and the psychological damage it causes.
  •     In terms of physical benefits, martial arts makes us fitter, stronger in body, quick in movements, and alert to our surroundings. It enables us to physically resist a potential assault better. In the instance of an attack, it would be harder to subdue a martial art learner than a usual victim.

  •       Self-defense is also about our mind as it is about our body. Martial arts can teach us to be confident, courageous, alert, and quick in thought and response. The moves in martial arts sharpen sensory perception and make quick reflex actions possible. These come handy when you have to defend yourself.

  •    A lot of martial arts training is about disciplining, soothing and healing your psychological and emotional terrain. If you are constantly bothered by anxiety and stress caused by the violence around you, or if you are dealing with post-traumatic psychological issues linked to instances of violence from your past, martial arts can help you. Martial arts can teach people to manage stress, deal with anxiety, muster courage, and cope with consequences of violence such as PTSD, depression and suicidal tendency.

Self-Defense Martial Arts for Kids and Adults at Bruce McCorry’s
A great benefit of martial arts is that it can be easily mastered by children as well. If you want an easily learnable and effective martial art program open to both children and adults, Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is your destination. Bruce McCorry’s Academy offers personalized and brilliantly beneficial programs in martial arts for children and adults. At Bruce McCorry’s, you will learn strategies that fuse the physical benefits of martial arts with its mental benefits, all taught by renowned martial artists. If you have been affected by the violence all around, martial arts is your answer.

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