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The Perfect Solution for Parents - Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program


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The Perfect Solution for Parents - Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program

As parents, it goes without saying that the safety of your child comes before anything else to you. Have you ever wondered if you are unknowingly putting your kids in danger? The newest data says that if you leave your kids unsupervised in the afterschool hours, then you most probably are. However, you are in the right place—read on to know about the dangers of the afterschool hours, and to find the perfect solution.

Keeping Children Supervised in the Afterschool Hours – Why it Matters
Afterschool Alliance America, the well-known child welfare organization, has designated the hours from 3 PM to 6 PM as afterschool hours. It might shock you to hear that these hours, which a quarter of schoolgoing American children spend unsupervised, alone or with friends, is the time when hazards and crimes involving children peak during the day.

According to the 2002 survey by Invest in Kids, juvenile crimes occur the most during afterschool hours. Afterschool hours also witness the most number of incidents involving substance abuse, violence against children, and unsafe sex among teenagers. The lack of adult intervention and supervision makes afterschool hours a risky time in terms of bullying, as anti-bullying organizations point out. According to YMCA, kids who spend afterschool hours alone tend to skip school hours more. This leads to the sad fact a fair percentage of high school dropouts have had a past where they did not get proper parental or adult attention in the afterschool hours. These data indicate that it is high time we devised a proper solution for the afterschool dilemma.

Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Arts Program (AMP): The Best Solution for Afterschool Danger
Personal attention from the part of parents is not always a pragmatic option, given that a lot of families have working parents, single parents, or parents attending to more than one responsibilities these days. Afterschool programs are a great solution for this dilemma, especially as they can enrich your child’s life with additional benefits such as personal, social, academic and athletic skill development, as the 2007 analysis by CASEL pointed out. However, the perfect solution will be an afterschool program that not only keeps your child safe in the afterschool hours and provides them with all the traditional benefits of an afterschool program, but also teaches him/her the basics of self-defense so that they know how to keep themselves safe.

A well-organized professional martial arts afterschool program like the Bruce McCorry’s AMP (Peabody, MA) is therefore your ideal choice. With its nationally recognized syllabus and expert instructors, the program offers everything that a traditional martial art program can offer, from health and fitness to confidence and stress-relief. In addition, it provides the double benefit of keeping your child safe and secured in the afterschool hours, further giving them the chance to learn the basics of a self-defense of their choice. By making them braver, courageous and alert to their surroundings, the AMP not only keeps them safe, but teaches them how to keep themselves safe for life.

With additional perks like free pick up from your child’s school and enhanced safety measures, the Bruce McCorry’s AMP allows parents to sit back and not worry about their kids any more. Make your call today to secure a place for your kid in the program that starts from September.

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